Sunday, 13 July 2008

Jul 13, 2008 Ideation Party - Ideas

Business Ideas

Technically savvy business ideas for the technocrats out there.

  • Circular PDA with a new clam shell design
  • Enter code to popup a container/medicine/candy jar
  • PDA inside of a woman's compact
  • Baby bottle that cleans up messes, either with sponge or napkin at thebottom, stops the dribble
  • Just add water to grow stuffed animals as big as carnival stuffed animals
  • Decorative sand in baby bottles for display
  • Oversize stuffed animal floaties that change size to help you swim
  • Multi chambered baby bottle, so mom doesnt have to keep refilling. Maybe one with milk/one with juice/one with water. Like click penswith different inks. Cooler built in.
  • Stuffed animal with refillable container for milk/drink inside
  • Soundproof clay that you can put in your ears
  • Toy bell for kids with play doh handle
  • Bottle of water with hand sanitizer on the outside
How can we improve the CPen ? Find other uses for it? "The handheld scanner that becomes your new reading pal!- one singlestroke and the full text pops up in your computer"
  • Keep track of venue information, where are artists performing/addresses
  • Store restaurant information from a flyer or menu
  • Scan ingredients and output a recipe
  • Part of a cellular product, scan number and it automatically calls
  • Foreign translations and pronounciations
  • Include a keypad
  • Learning the scripts for a play/show/song
  • Product shopping and comparative pricing immediately
  • Photograph IDS
  • Internet accessibility
Unrealistic but fun ideas
  • Underwater drinks for scuba divers
  • Filter salt water for scuba divers in case thirsty
  • Swimming classes for babies while they are nursing
  • Moldable speakers

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