Thursday, 14 August 2008

Aug 14, 2008 Ideation Party - Ideas

Business Ideas

Ideas for kids and toys, inspired by various games and new products:

  • Instant nanny monitor
  • Toy with mom’s voice so if a child starts crying it will play mom’s voice
  • Choose colors on toy by the day
  • Facebook on a cube
  • Twisting computer mouse to access social network
  • Cube remote control
  • Call or email with push of a square
  • Mechanism that charts your behavior with a child
  • Animals talk when squeezed
  • Shoes or clothes that have words on them or say the word that they are
  • Foreign language soft stuffed toys
  • Videos embedded in soft stuffed toys
  • Add smell and taste enhancements to stuffed animals to make even more interactive
  • Use for blind or deaf kids to help literacy stuffed letter toys
  • Name of child and add a likeness to child to toy
  • SAT and GRE animated words on adult objects like coffee mugs
Inspired by the Vending Machine for bicycle parts Aaron’s Bicycle Repair, here are transport ideas
  • Add bike diagnostics meter on a trail for a few coins
  • Add GPS tools in vending machine
  • Segway zipcar service
  • First aid vending machine
Ideas inspired by the video pitch Youtube meets venture capital on Vator
  • Speed dating on video
  • Microfinance loans on video
  • Video 3-minute inspiration of the day
Inspired by Career Sampling Service, these are test drive career ideas Find out...
  • Integrate career sampling into elementary school/high school curriculum
  • Longer college terms with more work experience - required 5 career test drives
Inspired by Paparazzi for the common man, artistic candid photos, these are ideas for candid photos Find out more...
  • Paparazzi dating service – show candid snippets of your life to potential partners
  • Paparazzi Life coaching – “Yes you did eat too much
Crazy ideas that won't make it past the ideation party!
  • Willy Wonka pharmacy where kids can customize candies for medicines
  • Branding couches
  • Cheap transport in which you could choose style or color
  • Ikea traveling couch/rotation
  • Propeller flights with no engines

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