Sunday, 5 October 2008

Oct 5, 2008 Ideation Party - Ideas

Business Ideas

Asus scented Laptops

  • Self-cleaning laptops
  • Portable liquid display
  • Screen saver on the outside of the laptop
  • Talking laptop
  • Laptops with unique textures – soft, smooth, nail file
  • Customizable scented laptops
  • Webpage would be embedded with data to feed what scent you smell
Inspired by the 3-D Moving Egg Billboard , these are billboard advertising ideas
  • Billboard indicating weather by “snowing” or “spot sunlight” at a ski lodge
  • Low billboards with heat lamps in cities so crowds will gather
  • 4-d billboards include time
  • Rotating billboards
Inspired by Drymax socks remove moisture from skin these are apparel ideas
  • Suits to keep underarms dry
  • Handkerchief dry technology
  • Rain proof clothes
  • scuba divers never get wet
We thought the washable keyboard was cool so we wanted to brainstorm various washing ideas.
  • nerd foam party
  • detachable cleanable car pieces
  • electronics wash center - for cell phones and cameras
  • clean vegetables station at the grocery stores
  • money cleaning machine to get rid of germs (literally money laundering)
  • count and clean money machine
  • special scented/conditioning electronics soaps
  • washable reusable containers to buy produce/food at store (like reusable bags)
  • wash keyboard and other electronics in dishwasher
  • wash and paint keyboards
  • detachable keys to only wash certain keys
  • water washable watches

Ridiculous ideas
  • washable television
  • cash register that can be broken apart and washed
  • microwavable and freezable keyboards to warm them up and cool them down

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