Sunday, 16 November 2008

Nov 16, 2008 Ideation Party - Ideas

Business Ideas
Inspired by our spa-going friends, these are some Spa/Salon ideas

  • McDonald’s of SPAS – consistent and cheap and ubiquitous
  • Inflatable human touch
  • Remote wire sensation to “make you think you are getting massages”
  • Massage barter group
  • Inflatable spa
Forgotten about your new years resolutions or lack thereof? Here are some Exercising/Gym ideas that need an entrepreneur
  • Massage and Exercise at the same time
  • Butler/Maid at the gym
  • Combine Landromat and gym in one location – do one while you do the other
  • Electronic personal trainer that you can activate at home
Vacation time yet? These are travel ideas that we wished existed!
  • for traveling
  • Vacation calendar for friends
  • Step on plane and get envelope of foreign cash
  • Paying more for a baby free zone on the plane
  • Party plane
  • Spa in plane
  • Cafe in plane
  • Sampling and marketing on plane focus groups of food and other things
Let’s make the cinema experience better, some Movie Watching Ideas:
  • Entire movie theater gets headphones dubbed in a certain language and noise cancelling
  • Movies come straight to your eyeglasses or contact lenses
  • Service to get theater movies before they reach DVD
  • Frequent flier program for movies (watch 50 and get a trip to Hollywood)
  • Instant script availability with netflix
  • Automatic download of movie music with remote control
Photography buffs out there here are some photo ideas:
  • Rental photography at camp sites
  • Rental photographer at camp sites
  • Rent a camp pack – includes tent and photo equipment
  • Annual photo trips to get endangered species photos
  • Volunteer work to get endangered species trips

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