Sunday, 14 December 2008

Dec 14, 2008 Ideation Party - Ideas

Business Ideas

Tailoring products to different consumers: Locker Laundry service

  • Hair washer in a locker
  • Moving locker laundry that finds you
  • Vending machine lockers
  • High school lockers with laundry facilities
  • TV screen in locker while you wait
  • Laundry chute in apt
  • Locker phone charge system
  • Shoe shiner lockers
  • Wash cat in locker
  • Leave ingredients in locker, come back and it’s a meal
  • Add dry cleaning and hemming services
Thinking Cap – Brain Stimulator
  • Advertising agencies “I want to think like an African-American or Asian consumer”
  • Creativity on demand
  • Make artists out of non-artists
  • Muse
  • Tongue un-tier
  • Solving crimes
  • Seeing into why kids are crying or think the way they do
Laser harp – digital music
  • Giraffe manor – hotel Find out more
  • Underwater music
  • Musical fruit
  • Musical pineapple
  • Jellyfish manor underwater resort
  • Giraffe sports – polo, soccer, rodeo
  • Giraffe pranks “you’ve been punkd”
Obesity Controller
  • Door to prevent overweight people from coming in
  • Door to measure to body fat as you walk through
  • Door that gives pep talks as you walk through
  • Door that gives you a DNA test as you walk through
Montreal Public Bike System
Sound Enhanced Foods
  • Sound effects in sports bottle
  • Sound effects in self-cleaning headphones
  • Deciding how salty you want your food or how tangy
  • For dieters, make fattening food taste icky through music
The aqueduct bike – Pedaling to Clean Water Find out...
  • Bottled H2O company can use it
  • Branded water from Bike
  • Traveling bar
  • Make different drinks like lemonade
  • Bike race and triathlons to make water
  • Use to follow runners in a marathon
  • Ding when water is ready
  • Automatic bike washer when you pedal
  • Competition in developing countries with water shortages
  • Laundry washed while biking
Nubrella Hands Free Umbrella
  • Full body shield to protect against wood shavings for carpenters
  • Toolkit helmet
  • Protector when sawing
  • Color changing umbrella based on wardrobe
  • Hands free scissor to cut straight lines
  • Hands free saw and other machinery
  • Full body umbrella to stop puddles
  • Clear saw and machinery – cool factor and ease of design
Resume on T-shirt Find out more...
  • Print tshirts for support staff before firing them if you are a celebrity
  • Stripper can print business card on underwear
  • Store owner can put sku list on tshirt
  • Phone that automatically identify’s caller and “do not disturbs” them, or puts a different voicemail per person
Retail DNA test /
  • Tester chapstick that tastes good and moisturizes
  • Determine genetic predisposition to like certain flavors – dating implications
  • Predict kissing compatibility based on genetics
  • Have packaging change dynamically based on your genetics
  • Cosmetics suggested or customized based on dna test
  • Genetic gift giving notifiers
  • Facebook/ including genetic information to get support groups or dates
  • Identify possible allergies
Solid Shampoo $50,000 kit to make anything Fab Lab
  • Different shapes – choose your own
  • Cartoon characters
  • TSA friendly
  • Toothpaste bar
  • Hair gel bar
  • Drink in a lollipop and feel quenched
  • Personalized pinball machine in bottle
  • Piggy bank for kids with pinball style coin action
  • Crystallized balls of conditioner
Made in Transit Packaging
  • Choose what to grow when you get it
  • Easy to identify packaging
  • Fresh-o-meter
  • Grow your own candy
Dynamic Tower in Dubai
  • Different colored building
  • Customized colors
  • Room dwellers can choose color
  • Rotate vertically as well (I want a penthouse today)
  • Show movies on the outside of the building
  • Billboards
  • Remote control maneuvering

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