Sunday, 25 January 2009

Jan 25, 2009 Ideation Party - Check it out

Check it out!

Separated at Birth. Face recognition celebrity match who do you look like! #technology
Genetic Testing for you 23andME DNA consumer company your personal genome service for only $299. #science #technology

Lost your bags AGAIN? Worry-Free Luggage guarantee service (door to door luggage shipping). Is it worth the cost?

Mini motel inflatable tent for airport delays and sleeping in office. If this is easy to carry then why not? Would it work for camping? #travel

Green Tours of NYC Would love to see this in other cities as well #sustainability

How was your run? - Mapping your runs , bike rides, etc. You just pick a location (e.g., Fort Lee, NJ) and it will search from a list of runs for you giving you the mileage and such. You can post it to your blogs. #exercise

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