Sunday, 25 January 2009

Jan 25, 2009 Ideation Party - Ideas

Business Ideas
Inspired by the Treadmill desk , these are exercise ideas

  • Treadmill with hydrator, self sipping straw or squirter or mist-er or sprayer
  • Full gym at desk
  • Treadmill with hologram projection of outside (mirage) – I want to run at the beach today
Inspired by Kids X-Press. Magazine written by kids, these are kid ideas
  • 3rd world kid newsletter
  • Kids coaching kids company (kids Olympiads teaching)
  • Kids happiness measurement tool
  • Tortured kids to teach self-defense
  • Sex ed classes taught by kids
  • Movie sharing database for kids – ratings etc
  • Kids necklace that is a drowning alerter – immediately becomes life preserver or alerts adults
Fashion ideas inpsired by blog shopping Find out more...
  • Online google image recognition of clothes through google maps
  • Ipod covers and pet clothes to match your own
Not happening anytime soon ideas
  • Indian wedding fragrance spray
  • Liquid diamond in a tube
  • Fortunes in wine corks
  • Premium Customer service phone line pay additional 99 cents for one-stop direct help on phone. No need to wait for set menus
  • Office in water park
  • Bubble spray to spray on body and float to earth
  • Breathalyzer treadmill
  • Spray on parachute
  • Zero-gravity treadmill, can go up to 2G to make you seem heavier if needed
  • Suit with wings

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