Sunday, 26 April 2009

Apr 26, 2009 Ideation Party - Check it out

Check It Out!

Mind Manipulation Raising a ball with thoughts is really cool.  Wonder if it works. #toys #science Find out...

Songs of Love Nonprofit that makes personalized songs for kids with cancer. What a great idea and at least something small to get the kids confidence up. Find out...

Change the world, socially. Social Networking site for changing the world like Gaia Meet other likeminded people and find tons of resources. #sustainability #technology

Compostable Bag permanently Composted. Sun Chips 100% Compostable Bag was a good attempt, but too loud for consumers, so the package was See the article

DJ Spin those Tees. I’ve seen these at kiosks at the mall. Wonder how long they last before they conk off. Find out... #design

Center for Kids and it's a Franchise. KidVille café, boutiques, gyms for kids. A bit pricey but they are in locations where parents can afford it. #kids

Many ways to Carpool check out all of these websites E-Ride Share, Gishigo, Nuride , and Ride Share Optimizer

You owe $2.92. Event planning site so friends can divide costs easily Find out... This would be so useful when going on a group trip. The other options include a joint group of money or a clunky excel spreadsheet. #technology

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