Sunday, 19 July 2009

Jul 19, 2009 Ideation Party - Ideas

Business Ideas

Inspired by the customized designer casts for broken bones. We brainstormed about how to make the cast-wearing experience better.

  • Flexible adjustable screens on casts
  • Company logo and advertising on casts and clothes and skin through tattoos
  • Clear casts
  • Cast that looks like your arm
  • Team colors casts
  • Phone numbers and instructions on casts
Inspired by the Repillable card slim case that fits in wallet can fill with pills
  • Mini Bible and food biscuit in wallet
  • Sheets of aspirin strips in wallet
  • Child sedators in wallet
  • Gym vitamin pack
  • Energy kit for students in schools
  • On the go first aid for kids
  • Mirror with pill case
  • Flash cards and pharma pills
  • Digital pill case for elderly
  • Viagra and condom kit
  • Wallet breathalyzer
  • Reminder beeper on case
And its time to brainstorm more Twitter ideas...
  • Promotion: 1 Beer for every Tweet
  • Instant company news about layoff numbers, daily stock prices, real time new hire info
  • Shipment tracking detail on Twitter
  • Social shipments - changes in friendship dynamics are instantly tweeted automatically
  • Hotels can steal guests from each other, through tweeting counteroffers
  • Text with dog/company if needed/wanted
  • Tweet alert when litter box is full
  • Finding dance space and rehearsal areas
  • Instant concert notification
  • Baby updates on bottle feeds, diaper, feeding schedule
  • Connect with a photo/scanner on phone to upload detailed information
  • Hotel vacancy tweets
  • Connect to GPS for automatic update or coordinates
  • Tweet for room service in a hotel
  • Internal twitter for shift announcements
  • GPS Twitter collar band for pets
  • Doctor and public diagnosis for things like rashes
  • Host a speed dating contest through twitter with bidding and location publishing
  • Employee notification system about layoffs and total employee count and ratings
  • Avatars for twitter/more animation on the site
  • Notify dogs eating habits to vet
The spread of smart phones and mobile apps has been mind-boggling. Here are ideas for apps:
  • App that adjusts temperature of phone when it gets too hot
  • Dance meetup - determine closest dance hall and certain types of music and opps
  • Sharing choreographed dances with underprivileged kids through upload on phone and view on web
  • Room service app with button that has all options listed
  • Cover changes color based on mood
  • Key to open door
  • Phone built onto an action figure
  • Dieters check and balance with notification to buddies about chocolate in your fridge
  • Recipes based on present contents of fridge

Unlikely products but cool to imagine!
  • Casts with X-Rays viewing to see healing
  • Bark to Tweet translations
  • Animal talk via web so they can chat with their owner
  • Animal dating
  • Breathalyzer app on phone

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