Sunday, 27 September 2009

Sep 27, 2009 Ideation Party - Check it out

Check it out!

Gas mask in bra. Breathing Bra Because you never know...Sorry guys who don’t wear one (or don’t have access to one.)

Thirsty for Free Water. TapIt Network of cafes/restaurants in NYC that will provide tap water easily and free – is also an iPhone app to find these participating cafes #sustainability

Wish I could get out of this boring conversation. Guess what there is a way. FakeCalls iPhone app to bail you out of bad situation. I feel like someone may have done this to me before! HA!

Health and Wellness Around the World. Wellocity – wellness center in India, trainers secretly evaluated and software evaluate clients’ progress. I particularly like the secretly evaluated trainers to quickly get rid of the ones that suck!

Russian dolls of Ads. Ads inserted into other ads inserted into other ads. Reminds me of the Land o’ Lakes packaging.

Realtime knowledge of beers on tap. Beachwood BBQ beer list live on webcam. I wonder how often they change their lineup though.

Sensationalizing climate change in a good way. Age of stupid documentary is well done and creative - a man in the future uses a touch screen to look at events in the past. the touchscreen is on the viewer. #sustainability

My internet and your internet. Designing an Internet for kids . How about for seniors? Certain languages? Nationalities? #technology


Best iPhone apps of the year list will be outdated in a minute, but this is a good resource for now. See here...

Google hot trends in search illustrates that analytics in search are keys to succeeding For more details... 

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