Sunday, 27 September 2009

Sep 27, 2009 Ideation Party - Ideas

Business Ideas

Everyday frustrations and possible solutions:
Problem: Awkward elevator silences and annoying music

  • Shoe shine in elevator
  • 8 Sets of Headphones in elevator that you can listen to briefly during the ride
  • Market research and product tasting in 30 seconds in elevator (like or not)
  • Vending machines and coffee makers in elevator
  • 8 prime spots in elevator with LCD you can check weather, news
Problem: Losing weight is slow even with hours at the gym
  • Websites to lock or unlock food cabinets
  • Treadmill desk and treadmill dining, weightlifting toilet
  • Public goal websites
  • “Meetings on foot” at work like at Bayer
  • Money goes to George Bush (or some other candidate) if you don’t stay on diet
Problem: Irritating coworkers
  • Website with tips help get you out of irritating situations
  • Report irritating coworkers and post feedback
  • Hourly professions like mechanic – have webcam on their work (to see if it really took an hour) – pay for that service for more transparency
Problem: No universal language
  • Signal to reduce translation and contextual errors
  • “Lifeline” translators on demand
Problem: Why don’t people get EZ Pass?
  • Regular lanes 100x prices
  • Chip embedded in all cars for automatic tolls
  • Customized elevator shafts – go the lift with the news you want (daily, sports, entertainment)
  • Boss/employee web cam on elevator
  • For those who want a public profile, notification of who is in the elevator through a display board
  • Makeup kit in elevator like restrooms (hairspray etc)

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