Sunday, 8 November 2009

Nov 8, 2009 Ideation Party - Check it out

Check it out!

Star Gazing. Hamptons Star Map an insiders guide to stars' homes. There are more than you thought. #travel

Prayers in a Box. The one-stop Hindu puja shop Blessingz . Which other religions would work with this model? #religion

I’ll take blue eyes. LA clinic for designer babies sounds like a sci-fi movie to me. Some scientists are saying its more hype than real. #science

I'll have your avatar call my avatar. Soon no one will have to go to meetings in person. Find out more... #technology

Bzzz Text message 50% off. Mobivity text message coupons and they make it very simple. check out the website. Wonder why the website is not

Disrupting school lunches. Revolution foods - some of the foods look delicious but may be polarizing for kids?

Two Sticky Fingers Up! Kids Pick Flicks IMDB for kids and parents I think there is a lot of potential for kids to review various things. Its a great perspective to have for parents #kids

Nerds U-nite. Nerd Nite events. Check them out. I didn’t realize they are now in so many cities. The same reason for the success of Big Bang Theory on TV. #events

Walk the Choc. NYC chocolate tours . They have new cuisine and luxury chocolate tours. Sounds very tempting.

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