Monday, 31 January 2011

Jan 31, 2011 Ideation Party - Check it out

Check it out!

Call me maybe? Like the zabasearch website, 123People and Spock are two people search websites that can uncover names, addresses, phone numbers. Are SSNs next? #technology

A little nibble..of my toe! Fish pedicures have been popular in Asia (I’ve gotten one in Malaysia) but apparently not allowed in NYC. Let us know if you know differently!

You have mail - to shop. Social retailing - They have a huge number of stores and sites.

To give and to get Charity Navigator Measuring and rating the soft impact of a charity and Charity Buzz where you can bid for one-of-a kind experiences with proceeds going to charity. Meet Rafael Nadal for $6K anyone? #socialventure

Black Screen Google . Is this still popular or was it just a quick buzz campaign? I think I read that it spawned some more sites that did the same; not sure which ones. #technology

Wake me up before I reach reach. iNap app that wakes you up arrival alert. Oh yes I have slept past my train station, in multiple cities! This is a great app. #technology #app

Attention Aspiring Betty Crockers. Tastebook allows you to make a cookbook easily Plus find other recipes and food blogs. #foodandbeverage

Don’t throw away that computer. Turtle Wings is an electronic recycling company. You can even recycle mainframes and microwaves! #sustainability

Why is Apple so Innovative? Fast Company article lists other companies inspired by Apple as reason Apple is so innovative (not Apple’s innovations) Find out more... #technology

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