Monday, 31 January 2011

Jan 31, 2011 Ideation Party - Ideas

Business Ideas

A couple of grandmothers visiting the team members sparked some potential Ideas for Senior Citizens and Grandparents

  • Radio that exclusively broadcasts health news
  • Grandpa grandson toy in one
  • Class of 1930 magazine like a facebook
  • WWII camp with history lessons and equipment
  • Swinging seniors cruiseline
  • New user interface for seniors
  • Charity events for seniors without social security
  • Dating service with transport included
If we are going to brainstorm on grandparents we have to also innovate on Kids products
  • Booth where kids can take pictures, chance to appear in magazines
  • Let kids record their own version of jingle and post online for ads
  • Short stories for kids by kids
  • Audio reviews for kids by kids
The office is ripe for disruption and new products. Some useful Office(space) ideas:
  • Alerter when boss is nearby
  • Waker upper when you doze
  • Office gps for coworkers' offices
  • Profiles of people as you walk by their office
There have been so many businesses spawned by Twitter. What else could have its own tweet handle?
  • ebay bids
  • Restaurant updates
  • Last minute tickets to games and shows
  • Boss is in/clock in at work
  • Building specific weather updates
Can other companies use Siri’s (or any other company’s) voice recognition software?
  • Easily accessible help when traveling abroad at a kiosk
  • Verbal employee reviews
  • Airlines tickets seats and services voice command

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