Sunday, 15 May 2011

May 15, 2011 Ideation Party - Check it out

Check it out!

Innovation Agency that is Grounded in Research. Innosight is a Boston-based innovation consultancy, Co-Founder Clay Christensen (of The Innovator's Dilemma fame). He also wrote How Will you Measure your Life #interestingcompanies

Theater and Leadership: Not An Odd Couple visionary leaders through the training in the arts. The concept of a target audience is similar if you are performing or if you are leading an organization. #interestingcompanies

Mind Map your Brain. Easy to use mind mapping free tool. I would have loved to have more functionality and dynamism (multiple links, etc) after creating the mind map. However, it’s two dimensional. #technology

Send Me a Virtual Kiss? One of the more eye-opening and and curious products featured on Mashable recently. In this age of long distance relationships and virtual everything...what’s the logical next step! See more... #technology

I’m craving that dish.  Foodspotting to keep track of the food you ate not just the restaurant. The search functionality is not 100% - If you type vegetarian, you get pork options! But that’s just a small quirk for a useful app to keep track of your favorites. #foodandbeverage #app

A Concierge for Your City MyCityWay for a user-friendly website and app to help navigate cities around the world. Started in NYC where it won the Bloomberg award. There seem to be a lot of copycats but this UX is definitely a plus. #technology #app

From Landfills to Soccer Fields Nike’s innovative green design team is upcycling old soda bottles to be used for fabric. I wonder about the texture of the fabric though. Will it end up being like a Terracycle bag? #sustainability #design

Ever Wanted a Chauffeur? IDriveYourCar is the hired driver for the common man! Even if you don’t have a limo. Hope you feel comfortable about a stranger driving your car though. Great help to and from airports for sure (may be cheaper than parking there) #transport

Attention All Artists - a Hub for You See more... Amongst an artist’s biggest challenges: creating a brand, getting brand recognition, selling work. Tenlegs attempts to solve all of these. #art #technology


"David and Goliath" is a metaphor used to mean “triumph over adversities”, or a victory of a someone small over a big challenge. Sometimes it in sports or business when an underdog defeats an obvious or overwhelming favorite.

From Good to Great by Jim Collins. You’ll often hear about Level 5 leaders or companies that went from good to great. Now you know. It’s this book and it is quoted all the time! So read it.

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