Sunday, 15 May 2011

May 15, 2011 Ideation Party - Ideas

Business Ideas

The Netflix model is so simple and recently we’ve heard of a few companies creating a business using the mail rental model - like Art and Books. A few ideas that don’t exist yet:

  • Paint and other art suppliest in a Netflix model
  • Clothes in a Netflix model
  • Baby Toys in a Netflix model
  • Cooking ingredients
  • Cars in a Netflix model
  • Computers/Electronics in a Netflix model
  • Sheets in a Netflix model
  • Board games in a Netflix model
Inspired by social product innovations around the world, the team brainstormed Toilet Ideas
  • Camping bathroom app
  • More expensive bathroom at stadium that is cleaner
  • Bathroom ratings on the door of an outhouse
  • Mobile bathroom that comes to you at a concert
These ideas are probably never going to see the light of day.
  • Travel game on a car mat
  • Edible chocolate foot mat

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