Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sep 18, 2011 Ideation Party - Check it out

Check it out!

Reverse engineer a meal Find out more... Instead of buying the ingredients you need for a particular meal, see what ingredients you have and what they could possibly make. #foodandbeverage

Binary Jewelry Geeky necklaces Maria Eife and Green Karat have math inspired jewelry. The binary ring is cool you can encode messages. I think I also saw some cool ones on Etsy in the past. This is the next generation of Morse code rings I saw sometime ago.

Exclusive Jewelry Club. I feel VIP just writing about it! Check out Jewel Mint for members only jewelry. Unique pieces, but the irony is I can’t say I haven’t seen them before. #design

Food Stamps to Grow Gardens Snap Gardens is a great idea to allow food stamps to buy seedlings etc. But honestly, if someone is really hungry the $1 burger seems like a better option. This is a step in the right direction, but the cost/time/taste tradeoff for food still needs to be tackled. #sustainability

Message me when you get home. Wise Dame App for safety started by a CMU alum! Simple idea that if a woman doesn’t check in at night, your loved ones get alerted. Not launched yet but you can sign up to be “alerted” when it does #technology

Teen-Made Robot Simple but Cool Check out the Maya Robot grandson made this to more readily see his grandparent.

Cheap houses handcrafted. Check it out URL is too big but the houses are small cute and the size of NYC apts! Almost like club houses. #sustainability

Dirt Power. We asked and it can’t power a house, or even a computer, but the idea of electricity generated from dirt is cool even if it is for student learning. Check it out... #sustainability

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