Sunday, 11 November 2012

Nov 11, 2012 Ideation Party - Check it out

Check it out!
Shop and Swap! Community wide swap of styles or if you see a style you like you can buy that.  If only there were some celebrities that would to share their closets!  Chic Politik #fashon #trends

Interested in crowdfunding to pay off student loans? Check out these sites Upstart, Go Fund Me, and Sofi. None of them make the process particularly fun or gamified though! #loans #funding #money #career

Personal Board of Directors Here is an article from HBR that shows why its important to have a board of directors for your personal and professional decisions. It's like having mentors each with a different expertise for every function of your life. To read more see here #career #growth

Test Driving jobs and Job Swaps may become the new norm! Check out this article here.  This needs to be started at a really young age, and continue throughout one's career! #growth #passion

Cutting edge projects at NYU The ITP program is known for its cool and innovative projects. Find out more. #education #creativity

Night's Dancer Learn more about this book about an African American ballet dancer. The challenge is to re-position this book to increase sales. #publishing

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Want to learn more about this technique that may be able to help with allergies?  What exactly is it and how does it work?  See here #alernativemedicine #cure

Slap heard around the world Maneesh Sethi hires a girl to slap him if he is not productive, and guess what - it works! I guess it is the same as a mom-figure looking over your shoulder at all times.  For more details, see this here

What was on the menu at this ideation party - "Creative Juices" and Snacks:
Marley's Mellow Mood "Cool packaging and a favorite"
Funky Monkey Snacks "I like the crunch" and "Preferred the bananamon flavor but jivealime was good too"
Enchilada Jacked Doritos "Big fat doritos"
Primal vegetarian jerky "Weird but tastes like meat"
Fentiman's Drinks "Packaging looks old school!
Pink Pepper and Citrus Madagascar Chocolate "Very light hint of pepper"
Aero Mint and Aero Regular "A British classic"
Thai Toasted Coconut Fortune Cookies "They were ok but the fortune in the scroll is cool"
Chamane Energy Drink "Tasted like an energy drink and coffee mixed."
Others included Tiramisu Tea, a Basil drink, a Gourd drink, Indian Mithai and Japanese Mochi

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