Sunday, 11 November 2012

Nov 11, 2012 Ideation Party - Ideas

Business Ideas
We tackled our attendees' work and personal challenges and issues using interesting futuristic trends.
How to motivate teams and influence behavior - both of which are always a challenge.

Here are some influencer ideas:

  • eBook for rewards in the work place
  • Customizable reality tv show with issue similar to your own office
  • Portal to see everyone else's files and calendars
  • File swap 
  • Online sharing of books between boss and employee
  • Game simulation so you can experiment with different behaviors
  • Get results from what someone would do in China for example
Challenged by the difficulty increasing leads and retaining customers, these are some business development ideas
  • Partnerships and bundling services to increase leads and retention
  • Insurance programs for losing customers

Inspired by the quest for a passion, finding the right road, and the difficulty in standing up to authority these are some decision-making tools and ideas:
  • College degree trials
  • Multiple career immersions at a young age
  • App the predicts your future and shows you the results of your decisions or indecisions
  • Coaches and mentorship customizer app
  • Portal to easily find a board of directors

Inspired by finding your ideal job and unseasonable economic patterns, sustainability and the influence of design, these are some more career-shaping ideas:
  • Sending a fortune cookie to a recruiter with a resume inside
  • Print a resume on a cookie sheet
  • Physical portfolio or resume reused for furniture - a table
  • Mentorship program
  • Peer search program to keep each other in check
  • Make packages from resume
  • Incorporate portfolio in everyday products
  • Tshirt resumes
  • Reality Show - creative industry job hunt
  • YouTube and portfolio interview

Inspired by an author who was looking for ways to market her creation, here are some ideas to sell a niche book
  • Write articles and excerpts to halo back to book
  • Create a screenplay
  • Benefit auction
  • One influencer strategy
  • Reposition as a tale of triumph instead of autobiography

Trying to inspire new ways to reduce the costs of construction and modernizing building design - although many of these weren't viable, some interesting building ideas
  • Unique construction materials
  • Hedging bets on materials
  • Using 3-d printing to print embellish a simple house

Inspired by the charity and goodwill after Hurricane Sandy these are ideas that a CEO can use after a natural disaster
  • Provide extra insurance for future events
  • Match dollar for dollar, loaf for loaf, kilowatt to kilowatt
  • Using 3-d printing to print simple house
  • Require company employees to help with clean up, otherwise dinged on performance reviews
  • Give out frisbee -bottomed food baskets to people stuck without food. On the frisbee's surface print a picture (+logo +address +other info) of a local business that suffered from the storm
  • Send frisbees to every customer, with the customer's address on the front and a plea to "Save New Jersey's Beaches" on the back, asking for a donation to the appropriate charity
  • Send around helicopter pickups for donation items (since roads are blocked)

These are futuristic (or closer than you think) trends gathered from various sources: magazine articles, websites, and self-declared experts.
Agree or disagree, reliable or not, these provided the stimulus for some of the new ideas we brainstormed about.
  • Free college education online
  • Unseasonal weather patterns
  • Zero waste packaging
  • Companies will have a digital team in-house
  • More products helping overweight children
  • No one will wear wristwatches (you can tell time on the phone)
  • Global work experience will be as important as a degree
  • Renting and borrowing ebooks - no one will buy them anymore
  • Everything on the cloud, all virtual
  • Rise of teen-preneurs
  • Increased use of vending machines - for things like cupcakes, gas, socks
  • Touch screen for even more things - tables, backpacks, etc
  • Website building will become as easy as Microsoft Word
  • A flight to space will be available at an affordable price
  • Consumers will resell more (trading is the new buying)
  • The dethronement of Apple

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