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Dec 8, 2012 Ideation Party - Check it out

Ideation Party
Our first ideation party at ffVC was a success! Our attendees brought expertise in law, technology, strategy, pharma, advertising, and marketing. And we unanimously loved the fitness office, and the tables and walls you could write on.  Thanks Ryan Armbrust from ffVC for making it happen.
Check out some of the products and services discussed during the event:
Your true size at your fingertips. True and Co offers a zappos model for bras to try and send back if they don't fit.  We couldn't think of a male equivalent that this would be useful for - perhaps jeans or pants. #apparel

Better fitting men's pants. Bonobos launched some years ago but how much better is their fitting?  And how is the company doing to date?  Can other types of apparel work with this model? #clothing #ecommerce

A workforce working for pennies. "Artificial Artificial" intelligence (all repeats intended!). mTurk is a great way to get menial digital tasks completed. Amazon even uses mTurk to respond to photo and image identification for its app. #digital #ecommerce

Get married and have a donut! Or vice versa. At Voodoo Donuts in Portland, Oregon, famous for its tasty vegan treats, you can actually exchange vows with glazed fingers as they provide marriage certificates there. #food #vegan #services

Cool wine apps to identify and track your wines with images. What other products can we apply this to? Chocolate? Liquors? There is one that has image recognition for various wines Check it out! #beverages

Jawbone's new UP wristband here has a cool interface and charts to monitor your sleeping and eating. How does it know when you are in deep sleep and light sleep though? #health #wellness

What was on the menu at this ideation party - "Creative Juices" and Snacks:
Chuao Potato Chip Bar Yum! Less chip than expected but a nice bit of crisp. Definitely milky good quality chocolate
Bacon Ranch Popcorn Seems to be vegetarian-friendly, ironically. Creamy smoked popcorn.
Aloe Drinks by Fremo Good taste, only if you are cool with floaties
Ritz Custard Filled from Japan A sweet Ritz Bitz from Japan
Mr. Coffee Cans Small and portable, taste is ok.
Others included mausambi juice (sweet lime) from India, tiramisu tea, a coconut drink with coconut pieces, chewy japanese candy, black sesame snacks, chocolate-covered sunflower seeds and plum crackers

Check out the Business Ideas generated during the event
Brainstorming new ideas related to "alerts":
  • Alerts when anything your exact measurements are posted on a clothing website
  • Phone, Car, TV integration so your phone can alert your car that you have a meeting 50 miles away so you better have gas
  • Airline call button that alerts the air hosts
  • Alerts when your REM cycle is not complete
  • Alerts if your favorite wine is in your vicinity
  • Watch list, Hit list and Friend list - so in real time you can track where people are and where to avoid
  • Alerts to your doctor when you are not taking your diabetes medicine
  • "Let me know when" alert for kids to notify their parents
  • Manager notification tool that let's your manager know when a project is done, or vice versa
  • Google glasses with life updates to your on your goggles
  • Warnings as your exit comes up, and if you miss it, alerts about what you can do
  • Dynamic app that takes any note you make (audio/writing/visual) and records it evernote-style and pulls it up with an alert when relevent
  • Dating service that instantly alerts you when someone's status is "single" or "in a relationship"
  • Running tally notifications about your carbon footprint
  • Alerts when tolls are about to come while in your car
  • Price alerts when you hit your threshold you are notified
  • Alarm system that notifies you when someone is close to your house
  • Alarm when something is not being efficient
  • Alert when groceries need replenishing
  • Notifications when people walk in and out of office
  • News delivered to you when and where it optimally fits you
And brainstorming on new ideas related to "patents":
  • Your own customized clothing designs belonging to only you are posted on a site so potential clothing companies can reach out to you when they can create it
  • Customized shoe website with only patent leather options
  • Legal advice and get notarized at coffee shops
  • File for a patent at a coffee shop
  • Intellectual property scanner to ensure you are the rightful owner
Inspired by Elite Starbucks Card sold on, here are some coffee shop ideas
  • Starbucks as the DMV
  • Get wills/notarizations/power of attorney/basic tax documents at the Starbucks
  • Get permits like location and parking permits while you get a latte
  • Minute Clinic for Law at a coffeeshop
  • Ultra local coffee shop exhibits and shows
  • Local services at the coffee shop like local businesses or artists showcase their stuff
  • EZPass at Starbucks that allows you to cut the line
Inspired by online retailers that help you find your exact size, these are apparel ideas:
  • An online store with ONLY your sized clothes based on your exact measurements
  • 3-D Printing of Clothes
  • Apparel that changes size based on your waistline
  • Underclothes measurements and fabrics
  • Independent contractors for clothes
  • Brand ambassadors to host their own sushi parties to drive online sales
  • Software simulator of bra sizes
Inspired by the take-home toys, here are ways to improve playtime:
  • Create chapstick for adults, particularly men - flavors tailored for them
  • Laser water guns so the aim is much better for kids
  • Scented erasers
  • Kids toys that have a sanitizer hidden in them
  • Eraser that regenerates at the end of a pencil
  • Non greasy silly putty
  • Silly putty that provides heating
  • Inspirational makeup telling you you are beautiful and other nice messages
  • Desserts that are stamps or tattoos
  • BMW or any new car modeling kit for little kids 

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