Saturday, 8 December 2012

Dec 8, 2012 Ideation Party - Ideas

Business Ideas
First we brainstormed new ideas related to "alerts":

  • Alerts when anything your exact measurements are posted
  • Print your own clothes
  • Phone, Car, TV integration so your phone can alert your car that you have a meeting 50 miles away so you better have gas
  • Airline call button that alerts the air hosts
  • Alerts when your REM cycle is not complete
  • Alerts if your favorite wine is in your vicinity
  • Watch list, Hit list and Friend list - so in real time you can track where people are and where to avoid
  • Alerts to your doctor when you are not taking your diabetes medicine
  • Let me know when alert for kids to notify their parents
  • Manager notification tool that let's your manager know
  • Google glasses with life updates to your glasses
And brainstorming on new ideas related to "patents":
  • Your own sizes belonging to only you are posted on a site so potential clothing companies can reach out to you
  • Customized shoe website with only patent leather
  • Legal advice at coffee shops
  • File a patent at a coffee shop
  • Intellectual property scanner to ensure you are the rightful owner
Inspired by Elite Starbucks Card sold on, here are some coffee shop ideas
  • Starbucks as the DMV
  • Minute Clinic for Law at a coffeeshop
  • Ultra local
  • Local services at the coffee shop like local businesses or artists showcase their stuff
  • EZPass at Starbucks that allows you to cut the line
Inspired by online retailers that help you find your exact size, these are apparel ideas:
  • 3-D Printing of Clothes
  • Apparel that changes size based on your waistline
Inspired by the take home toys, here are ways to improve play:
  • Create chapstick for adults, particularly men - flavors tailored for them
  • Laser water guns so the aim is much better for kids
  • Scented erasers
  • Kids toys that have a sanitizer hidden in them
  • Eraser that regenerates at the end of a pencil
  • Non greasy silly putty
  • Silly putty that provides heating
  • Inspirational makeup telling you you are beautiful and other nice messages
  • Desserts that are stamps or tattoos
  • BMW or any new car modeling kit for little kids 
If you want to see some of the existing products and services we discussed, check them here!

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