Wednesday, 16 January 2013

10 Ways Cloud Storage and Collaboration Can Foster Creativity in Your Business

Guest blog by Nicki Escudero: Social media and content strategist for CX, a Cloud Collaboration company.

One of the biggest components of the business puzzle is motivating your team to keep contributing creative ideas to ensure your model stays innovative and on the cutting-edge of your market. But if your business’ team doesn’t meet together every day, or if your members work in different offices, there are challenges to keeping the creative juices flowing. Thankfully, cloud storage is a great technology that can aid in fostering a creative environment, no matter where your employees are located. Here are 10 ways online storage and collaboration solutions can ensure innovation remains a priority.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Jan 12, 2013 Ideation Party at JuiceTank

It's in the books! This was an ideation party with many firsts: the first in 2013; the first in New Jersey; and the first at JuiceTank. Our attendees brought enthusiasm and experiences in acting, technology, pharma, and marketing. We spent the session with a fun brain twister, flipping thought processes so we could find solutions to the opposite of challenges. For example, instead of "increasing sales", we brainstormed how to "decrease sales". This forced us to think of solutions we otherwise wouldn't have.

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