Saturday, 12 January 2013

Jan 12, 2013 Ideation Party at JuiceTank

It's in the books! This was an ideation party with many firsts: the first in 2013; the first in New Jersey; and the first at JuiceTank. Our attendees brought enthusiasm and experiences in acting, technology, pharma, and marketing. We spent the session with a fun brain twister, flipping thought processes so we could find solutions to the opposite of challenges. For example, instead of "increasing sales", we brainstormed how to "decrease sales". This forced us to think of solutions we otherwise wouldn't have.

Firstly, what was on the menu at this ideation party? The snacks and "creative juices" from around the world:

Ego Plum Crisps Sweet tasty crackers
Raspberry Kit Kat A fruity Japanese version of a favorite chocolate
FruitziO Freeze Dried Kiwi and Strawberry Chewy and sour but like candy
Flamous Falafel Chips Actually tastes like falafel
Kurkure Spicy indian sticks
Lays India's Magic Masala Potato Chips  Masala Lays Indian tangy potato chips
Pakola Cream Soda A Pakistani drink with a rose-like aftertaste
Basil Seed Drink with Honey Lots of chewy little floaties
Additionally, we served Red Bean Candy, Soybean Crackers, Wasabi Seaweed Twists, Ogas Turkish Pistachio Dessert, and Chip Star

The best one-liners from the event include:
  • "What is a JOB? "Just Over Broke"
  • "You give me $1 right now I'll turn it back x10000"
  • "When my students say 'they'd do something but…', I tell them to get their big 'but' out of the way"
  • "Be a go-giver"

Check out some of the products, services, and resources we discussed during the event:
The dumb things entrepreneurs do. #entrepreneurfail Check out this web comic about the misadventures in startups. Services include custom comics and white label comics. You could be featured if you have your own example of #entrepreneurfail #cartoon

Tools for your small business. National Association of Business Owners offers the latest training and tools on business topics such as accounting/legal/marketing #startup #education

Idea theiving. Flash of Genius the movie was recommended by some of the attendees. It is a film about "a tale of one man whose fight to receive recognition would come at a heavy price" #cinema #entrepreneur #dreams

Must Reads These are some books recommended by our attendees. Let us know what you think of them! Built to Love: Creating Products That Captivate Customers and Becoming a Category of One: How Extraordinary Companies Transcend Commodity and Defy Comparison #books #smallbusiness

10K members can't be wrong! NJ young professionals If this organization can monetize fun events for young profs in Jersey, anyone can.  Check out this organization and see the variety of activities, events, and members. What can we learn from this group? #networking

If only! Betterific gives us a platform to vent, ideate and ponder the question "Wouldn't it be better if…? The clean interface is great for companies trying to get feedback on their offerings #brainstorm


Finally, our challenges are below and possible solutions and discussions that came from them:
How to implement ideas and inventions into existence:
  • Use a company like Quirky
  • Reach out to the National Society of Inventors
  • Have a site that explicitly asks for do-ers, matching them with inventors
  • Create a filter or check list to only focus on the viable inventions
Maintain website subscribers for technical training website LearnServiceNow
  • Provide value to sign up
  • Call to action
  • Clear sign up communication
  • Continuous engagement
  • Find out the wishes of ex-subscribers
Spread the excitement and interest in Coworking at JuiceTank
  • Create a pop up coworking space
  • Strategy to create pul from corporations, reaching out to HR to encourage remote workers to go to coworking spaces
  • Build dependencies amongst attendees
  • Continuous engagement
  • Tell prospects to "Get out of their hole!"
  • Reach out to the Rothman Center for Entrepreneurship or other organizations like this
Finding a sustainable business partner or team, to jump start business
  • Not just family or friends
  • Seek out decision makers and those smarter than you
  • Find Non micro manager
  • Reach out to people who believe in your product
  • Avoid analysis paralysis types of people
  • Avoid idea killers
  • Scope out partners instead of waiting for them to come to you
Moving from a clinical background to business and with flexible hours
  • Volunteer in space you want to be in
  • Conduct constant informational interviews
  • Meet people who are doing it right
  • Invest in some vertical training
  • Talk how you want to sound
Improving Communications around the World
  • Buy an inexpensive tablet for family members
  • Set up a recurring meeting time there
  • Tailor communications even if it is snail mail
  • Share unique news about family members with a bulletin
  • Check out
  • Create a business like Regalii where you can send gift cards via text message
Spreading the word about a vocational school ACECS
  • Make an ad that is not cheesy
  • Target the consumer that you want
  • Tailor communications
  • Make the school more enticing for teachers so they will be excited to be ambassadors
  • Social media
  • No student left behind policy
  • Provide job insurance
  • Consider reaching out to teen/young adult specific agencies like Buzz Marketing Group and Alloy Marketing
Improve marketing of value proposition to potential consumers
  • Ask the consumer what is wrong with your current communication
  • Adapt and Tweak
  • Consider new modes of communication
Convince Buyers to Switch from India to Ecuador
  • Get concrete metrics from a third party
  • Re-adjust communications
  • Consider new modes of communication
Growing a Women's Networking Group
  • Get inspiration from groups like Black Girls Run
  • Add a viral aspect to communications
  • Hold a diversity of events
  • Check out Golden Seed angel investors for women
  • Check out Blog Her Publishing network for women
  • Check out Cafe Mom a network for Moms

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