Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Tickle your brain cells with a virtual ideation party: Feb 12, 2013

Feb 12, 2013 Virtual Ideation Party on Facebook

It's cold, snowy, and often gloomy this time of year.  This makes it hard to find the motivation to haul your warm body into the chill to meet new contacts. Inevitably, your brainstorming skills get rusty as you hide in hibernation. Luckily we accomplished both networking and brainstorming in our virtual ideation party on Facebook. Virtual ideation is a great way to collaborate, and tickle some of those unused brain cells in the comfort of your own home.

We had a few entrepreneurs in our mix as well as some IdeaKube ideation party alums! If you want to see all the ideas,

check them out here


The session kicked off with an exercise to adapt bottle caps to create pet products! Our favorite ideas:

  • Shoes for pets to prevent scratching the floor
  • Embed a light in them for doggies - red means sit, green means fetch


We then moved on to the universal dilemma of always losing one of a pair of socks, leaving a lone sock behind. The catch was we used a few unrelated trigger words to solve this challenege: doctor, bermuda and Netflix. The top ideas for this challenge:

  • Gifting bad doctors stinky lonely socks
  • Sock puppet movies covering topics like loneliness 


Next we imagined HBO and Chipotle just merged into one company! We envisioned the new products and services we were going to expect from this newly merged "CHBOTLEY". The best votes went to:

  • A Behind the Scenes Chipotle Reality Show
  • Free burritos for a month with HBO subscription


Finally we rounded up the worst ways to improve an organizationand then flipped the answers to find some plausible options. The winners of the worst ways to improve an organization:

  • Hire the wrong people
  • Develop something that no one wants to pay for
  • Provide unlimited access to FB and other fun sites all day


Thus concluded the virtual ideation party. Overall it was received well. Some opportunities for improvement include:

  • Providing a call-in number in addition to the online aspect
  • Make the event a little longer
  • Send pre-work 


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