Sunday, 19 July 2009

Jul 19, 2009 Ideation Party - Check it out

Check it out!

Everyone can and should dance! Adaptive Dance program for kids with Down's Syndrome

Grow your lunch. Grow your own salad kit would ensure freshness. Not sure how close this is to reality. And of course some things get riper than others faster.

Sneeze Preventer. Allergen detector for food up for patent. Would be useful for those with severe food allergies #science

Vegetarian Traffic Light. Green dot signals vegetarian food in India. See more... Wonder if “kosher” or “allergen-free” could be easily displayed in the US. Instead of searching for the small print, a color coated indicator would be clearer. #foodandbeverage

NYC Computer Help. Tired of calling a foreign country for technical service. Website is really simple but apparently they are good and helpful.

Form and function laptop bags. See more... These are quite beautiful I would buy one! Not too expensive at all. #design

Running with my band. Vitaband for emergency ID and purchasing power for runners. Other websites include Iliumsoft #exercise

Good job Hyundai, Lose your job, Return your Car policy shows that the company acknowledges and cares about the customer and their economic situation

Plant Bike. Calfee Design Bamboo Bike seems very sturdy. Anyone used it?x #sustainability

Free parking in NYC? Revolutionary. Find free parking in Manhattan with Primospot and Spotscout #sustainability

My garbage texted me. Solar powered, message sending trash bins in Philadelphia #sustainability

Do the dogs care? These look cool but clearly for the benefit of the owner! Healthy, Vegetable Shaped Dog Treats #pets

Fido not amused. Pet sharing seems too straining for animals. Too much stimuli and too difficult to get used to different owners. #pets

Superhero You! Happy Worker Action Figures for Adults. This is fun and random and a good gift for the hero in your life. #toys

My address isn’t 140 characters. House that tweets by Andy Stanford Clark. Could see the applications extend even more!

Recommended Movies to Inspire Creativity
Great websites to inspire Innovative Ideas. Let us know if we missed any and tell us your favorites. #websites
The NY Times archives since 1851 #research

Locations Dumpster Diving in NYC - other’s trash, your treasure. Find out more... #sustainability

Read more about E-Ink electronic paper displays - what the Kindle uses #technology

Get tasks done with mTurk by Amazon #technology

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