Sunday, 5 May 2013

Local Event, Global Challenges: First Ideation Party in Singapore May 5, 2013

IdeaKube Goes International
IdeaKube goes international! We held our first Ideation Party outside of the US this past weekend. A truly global event - we had local Singaporeans, Europeans, Indians, Americans and expats squeezed into a Singaporean pint-sized space! But we managed to pack in 3 different brainstorming exercises, some acting and some time for mingling.

Firstly, what was on the menu at this ideation party? The snacks and "creative juices" from around the world included:
  • Spicy Grape Juice
  • Sparkling Cider
  • Kiwi Apple Juice
  • Chick pea peanut snacks
  • Pumpkin Chips
  • Prawn Crisps
  • Durian Crunchies
  • Chocolate Soan Papdi

We focused on 3 exercise to tackle our challenges and break the ice:
  1. Triggers: Use an unrelated item to trigger ideas to tackle a challenge. Each of the attendees had a toy and brainstormed verbs associated with that toy (e.g. "pretending", "launching"). They then applied the verbs to the challenge they received.
  2. Flips: Solve the opposite of a challenge. Each team found solutions to the contrary challenge.
  3. Mergers: Reframe the challenge with another challenge. Each team got 2 different challenges and had to think of products and services that would solve them both simultaneously.

What were some of the examples of individual professional and personal challenges we tackled:
  • How to complete everything on a to-do list?
  • How to find a good intern?
  • How to sleep better?
  • How to draw people to online education and self-learning?
  • How to get website traffic?
  • How to get buy in from a skeptical CXO?
  • How to learn how to drive and keep the resolution to continue doing it?
  • How to manage and motivate people with high intelligence and ego?
  • How to motivate exercise?
  • How to fight jet lag?
  • How to networking with pet retailers to get orders?
  • How to train for a 5K?
  • How to find the inspiration to go to meet ups?
  • How to help companies understand that layoffs are not smart?
  • How to remove inertia in life by creating new challenges?
  • How to find a job despite government mindset?

Check out some of the products, services, ideas and resources we discussed during the event:
  • The dumb things entrepreneurs do. #entrepreneurfail Check out this web comic about the misadventures in startups. Services include custom comics and white label comics. You could be featured if you have your own example of #entrepreneurfail #cartoon
  • Hack the System. Cheat codes for life is basically what this cool website offers. Figure out how to beat the system in anything you do whether it be productivity, finding a new job, travel or picking up a skill. #tipsandtricks
  • Draw out your ideas with Mindmapping. This is a great way to expand on your thoughts and build upon your ideas through visual branches.  You'll be surprised by what you can come up with #tools
  • What kind of innovator are you? Emerginatics allows you to determine the individual strengths of team members: analytical, conceptual, social or structural. A team with the combination of all 4 traits results in the best innovation. #tools 
Finally, the some results of our brainstorming:
Some motivational tools for exercise, getting over jet lag, etc:
  • Bring a bf/gf along
  • Videos
  • Make it fun and fashionable with glow in the dark reflectors
  • Apps to find exercises in new places
  • planes with gyms
  • Get frequent flier miles for exercise points
  • Prepackaged meal just for you - jet lagger, 5k runner, exerciser
  • Service to replicate your lifestyle in a new country
Some ideas for spreading online education:
  • Add an offline component
  • Make it exclusive so offline can't compete
  • Make it significantly cheaper
Some ways to motivate meetup attendance:
  • Make it a game and randomize it
  • Equal number of fun and stressful ones
  • Create your own every few months
 Look forward to the next one!

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