Alfa 6C, the sporty Biscione average expected in 2020

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Alfa 6C the sports car of the Biscione with the 6-cylinder V-shaped continues to hold bench. A historical name which would also be the ideal closure of the circle after the 4C and the beautiful 8C Competizione .

Pogea Racin g, historian tuner German of Alfa Romeo, on his account Facebook confirmed that the model will arrive. Quoting “ An absolutely reliable and legitimate source “. The sports coupe of the Biscione would be on the agenda for 2020 . And it will be anticipated at a fair in 2018 or more likely in 2019, since it is not running any similar forklift to this model.

The Alfa 6C will be built on the platform Giorgio . So rear-wheel drive, with a starting point that has already given excellent evidence on Giulia and Stelvio . Especially in the exceptional versions Quadrifoglio . The guarantee of driveability is there.

It will be a special, niche car. Both for the legacy of the name, 6C combined with some of the most famous and winning Alfa cars corsa . And because 6C stands for 6 cylinders . And the 6-cylinder engine available to Alfa Romeo is the V6 biturbo of 2.9 of origin Ferrari . The 2.9-liter 510-horsepower and 600-Nm of torque, which right on Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio made sparks.

Considering that the 6C should be even more extreme , light and agile of the two “cousins”, the performances should be even higher. That is a top speed higher to 307 km / h (Giulia Quadrifoglio). And at a acceleration 0-100 km / h better than 3.8 seconds (Stelvio Quadrifoglio).

Alfa Romeo 6C of Alessandro Masera

Alfa 6C, in June we will know more

Marchionne will present the piano industrial of Fiat Chrysler Autombiles ( FCA ) in June . It will be the key to vo l ta, for A lfa Romeo and all Marchi of the Group. In mid-2018 we will know the future and the planned models of the Biscione

 Alfa Romeo 6C - Alfa 6C
Alfa Romeo 6C, a rendering