BMW M2 Competition, in April the debut and in July on the market

The long-awaited BMW M2 Competition is coming. Before what could be foreseen. The debut of the bad version of the M2 will take place in April. Not at the Geneva Motor Show, more likely than that of Beijing set precisely in the fourth month of the year. In summer, at July to be precise, the car will be ready for landing on the market instead

Among the rumors, collected by Bmw Blogeven those concerning the engine . The “Competition” will abandon the N55 six-cylinder 3.0-liter TwinScroll engine with 365 horsepower. In its place there will be a slightly engineered unit of the engine S55 biturbo mounted under the bonnet of the major sisters M3 and M4

On these the power is 425 horses, on the M2 Competition will drop to 405 horseshowever 40 more than the standard M2. The car will be available with transmission six-speed manual or with the seven-speed automatic M-DCT. With the increase in power compared to the traditional M2, even updated suspension and brakes will arrive.

Novelties will also arrive on the chromatic plane. The bodywork will also offer two new colors. This is the Silver Hockenheim and the Sunset Orange. The other four classic Alpine White, Black Sapphire, Mineral Gray and Long Beach Blue Metallic shades will also continue to be offered.