Citroen prepares a flagship to return to the top

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Citroen will produce a flagship . The French Mark, which in the mid-year Fifty with the i conical DS revolutionized the concept and the forms of the large luxury sedan will re-enter the fray. For prestige and for necessity . The Chinese market calls for this type of model. And Linda Jackson head of Citroen, believes that such a car is indispensable. “ The C5 left the assembly lines in 2017. It will be replaced by a large car. But not immediately, at this time SUVs are the priority. The fact remains that having a large sedan in the range is essential for a great manufacturer. For numbers and to be credible before the market “.

What car will it be? Citroen returns in a segment that of the g randi premium sedans a lot competitive . And conservative . Where to world level practically from 1990 there are only four protagonists. In strict alphabetical order Audi, BMW Lexus and Mercedes . An aces poker difficult to undermine


Admiral “without traditional clich├ęs”

This is the definition given by Linda Jackson. The large Citroen sedan will not be able to follow the more classic and established forms of the competitors. Here the concept Cxperience with its forms from crossover and the two-volume tail like the DS could be a starting point. Citroen will aim to offer the maximum of the comfort according to his heritage . The new flagship, if inspired by the prototype, could have a shorter length than the pariclasse (about 4.90 meters). But the 3-meter pass would confirm considerable interior habitability.