Costs and Waiting Time for Childhood Help in Italy

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In Italy, Searching for Pregnancy helps a child develop complex considerations, especially from clinical nature. Psychological well-being A husband and wife who use external support for having a child are heavily influenced by the dynamics of public and private health, as well as personal and family factors associated with an important decision for having and for high Winning a Child In this paper, we have tried to use the Medical Assistance Techniques in Italy looking at policies to support companies that aim to ensure the health of mothers of a higher, more satisfactory level of life, Turns on.

Helps a Child

 Helps the Fertility of the Doctor

Helps Childhood Become a Frequent Choice Among Couples Who Can not Have Children. As stated in the World Health Organization we are talking about infertility if it does not occur after more than 12 complete months without sexual intercourse; this is a condition for both parties to Detected through a series of clinical trials and laboratory tests.

Fertility examination in women

Inability is actually a real diagnosis, which began only with the results of some experiments, mainly:

  • ultrasound to the ovaries (most useful for the examination of any malformations or
  • Hormone dosage;

Vaginal examination of women and vagina.

The main test conducted to investigate suspicious instability in humans are:

  • Colonoscale semen and sperm examination
  • Ultrasonography Testis

In addition to the hormone and structure, To determine the reproductive capacity of a husband and wife, other factors interfere with the registry and genetic data; A general picture that appears after clinical research is useful if the couple is to assist the so-called medical treatment (PMA), also because the diagnosis of infertility approved by the physician is necessary to access the PMA. Reproduction Techniques of Medical Drugs.  Assisted Reproductive Laboratory

In what is usually defined “Assisted Reproduction” or various programs to facilitate the concept A child is used by a couple after infertility diagnosis. In Italy, the issue is governed by Act 40/2004 which states that only adult couples of different sexes, marriages or common life can access the PMA. By 2015, the law showed that is homologous as the only type of PMA applicable in Italy; in other words, the biological materials used should be exclusively unpleasant for the future parents of the child. Consequently, the Constitutional Court declared illegal the inhumane ban, and also in Italy, it might be possible to use the PMA with a gamet of donors outside the couple.

Applicable in public centers and private / private facilities, a child helping with different types and its related techniques depends on how to manipulate the gametes. In particular, we see:

  • Intrauterine domestic fertilization which occurs in the female reproductive system, is realized through a therapeutic treatment to stimulate the growth of follicles and then through the entrance to the uterus – During the fertile period – from previously treated semen, in order to select only the best sperm
  • immediate supplementary fertilization on the other hand, occurs in vitro and has an average level of Aggressive This is more likely to be the case when the PMA option is not successful inside the brain. In the future, the eggs are taken in a seminal laboratory environment; they are transmitted only to the uterus if they are motivated

. But what is the average cost and use time of the program? In Italy, they are offered depending on the type of PMA and the selection center is different. Let’s See It Costs, Time, and Facility: Amount of Reproduction Contributed The Ministry of Health periodically publishes an annual report regarding the activities of medical centers in Italy. The last time it was published on June 30, 2017, the couples’ desire to start treatment for reproduction in general centers (38.6% of courses) and characteristics are recorded. On the other hand (with 24.8% of courses), only 36.6% of courses are held in private centers.

The mean age of women under PMA treatment was 36 years while 12368 cases were successful in 2015 (target year of the report of the Ministry). It is estimated that today in Italy the costs associated with fertilization assistance during a search for a child are around 12,000 : this is an overall estimate that takes into account the second data of more than 40 Percentage of couples need access to at least two courses of treatment if not more, before pregnancy

and about waiting times ? Access to the proven, immediate, more expensive formula requiring registration in the SSN list is expected to last from 3 months to 2 years (depending on the origin area) to access the first course of treatment, while considering the Successful Time which accounts for about 70 percent of couples during their 4 years their child from the beginning of the reproductive path; the remaining 30% can be a child in a short time

in the framework of Public Health a recent report by the Istituto Superiore di Sanita Val D’Aosta as a respectable area, only 2 months to access the first visit. And the immediate implementation of the first This treatment. In Umbria, an initial waiting period of 1 month and then 6 months are required to deliver the first stage of the PMA. Finally, Emilia Romana has a record among the northernmost regions: it is possible to visit the first 3 months, and after three times it is possible to do the first attempt at reproduction. [19659003] Company welfare: work for future mothers

 Pregnant family

As we have seen, helping to have a child through childhood, on average, is a long, expensive and quite a challenge for each Both sides, from the point of view of professional and psychological perspective. Are there examples of concrete support for working couples by selecting PMA? The answer is yes. Here in InSalut we have an opportunity to interview Ducati Motor Holding HR Director Luigi Torlai about the health insurance and welfare subsidies that the company has chosen for its employees. Through a program devoted to UniSalute, Ducati has succeeded in securing its own portfolio of benefits to future parents, including coverage of medical assistance and package costs “Pregnancy” which, in addition to Postpartum motives such as Newborn sitting and telelavoro cover hygiene coverage for the treatment of diseases that are commonly associated with pregnancy. In the area of ​​welfare, Child Support Reimbursement is definitely an unusual practice, but precisely for this reason, even more important than the attention of some virtuous companies to the psychological health of women workers, families and projects Common life

So, the company can make this difference, and it prepares itself to meet the challenges it provides for the newborn. On the other hand, this kind of benefit is especially useful to the employee, who, on the one hand, maintains his work and, on the other hand, is specifically supported at this stage of the change.

Many services that a company can offer its employees, in order to respond in a timely and specific way to their needs for work-life balance: this service is definitely a significant change in the quality of life Family Italian as well as for health benefits for. This is about health policies such as those provided by UniSalute or special cards such as SiSalute Section UniSalute Servizi Non-insurance solutions To protect the health of the corporate welfare. Thanks to the package of Flexible Benefits in the SiSalute Healthcare Department, the company can provide its employees, for example, with “Card and Visitor Test”, Provides ultrasonography, blood tests and high-diagnostic tests at favorable prices, or “Physiotherapy Card” which provides discounts for physiotherapy and rehabilitation services at health centers and associated physiotherapists throughout Italy.