Cough, Cough … The old Italian hatchbacks Diesel engage in the firing war

The popularity of diesel cars is a hit even in Europe, but it will take a long time for old old oil burners to be no longer available on the market.

Believe it or not, throwing together some old hatchbacks powered by diesel engines is a good way to kill time, and the Italian Drag Racing Championship is one of the places to do it.

The latest edition has revealed a bunch of modified Fiat Puntos and Alfa Romeo 147 models, which have engaged in a very swift war.

The various stages of the contest allowed the participants to go head-to-head, resolving old disputes on the right track, and also had to compete against the clock, often performing the 1/4-mile race in less 15 seconds.

It seems that the best time was marked by one of the Alfas shown in the next video, powered by a 1.9-liter JDT mill that was probably tuned. The old Italian hatchback ran a quarter mile in 13,185 seconds, reaching a maximum speed of 174.33 km / h, to the detriment of killing fresh air.

You can almost smell that these fossil fuels are burned, are not they?