Cream of Carrot and Ginger with Austrian Jerusalem

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This Cream Carrot and Ginger is suitable for heating during the last winter of winter, but not only: in fact, among the ingredients of topinambur and Your choice of sunflower, flax or chia. The result is a warm, sweet and very healthy food

Carrots are very rich in minerals and vitamins and are characterized by lack of cholesterol while ginger delayed the aging of the organism due to the presence of antioxidants It reduces inflammation and muscle aches, represents a natural calming effect against nausea and vomiting and improves digestion. However, the surprise of this recipe is probably illustrated by Artichoke of Jerusalem: This root of food hypocaloric and prebiotic due to the presence of fibers such as inulin, and these reasons represent a valid and healthy alternative For potatoes. Among its beneficial properties, we offer support for digestion and cardiovascular system. In addition, the combination of carotene beta-carotene and copper, iron, and vitamin C Austrian Artichoke is a tremendous act of skin and hair health.

To create, ultimately, even more delicious this recipe, we recommend We make carrots, ginger and Jerusalem artichoke decorated with a grain . For example, those who use sunflower have a significant amount of vitamin E that is beneficial to the skin and prevents worsening of tissues, while those of linen are useful against constipation and cystitis; finally, Chia seeds are valuable for the health of the intestines and the nervous system.

Gingerbread carrots and worm
2 People
2 People
  • 250 g Carrots [19659015] 1 topinambur or two small
  • 1 scalogno piccolo
  • 750 [19659013] ml Mushroom vegetable Ready at home
  • 2 teaspoon teaspoon Ginger cut to pieces
  • to taste extra virgin olive oil
  • qb Salt
  • q.s .. Pepe
  1. Cut and cut the carrots into small pieces, do the same with the ostrich shrimp and Jerusalem pastries.
  2. In a bowl large enough to make candy with water, oil and peanuts. When it’s golden, add Jerusalem artichokes and carrots, bake them for a few minutes.
  3. Add the hot soup and ginger, stir and cook for about 30 minutes or until all the ingredients are softened and cooked.
  4. Mix the season with salt and pepper and mix the cream with a mixer until it is secreted
  5. Continue cooking for a few minutes and make the cream, add seeds, spray ginger and pepper. Continue to taste.

Introduction Cream of carrots and ginger with a can of orrisulin appears in InSalut for the first time