Ducati Panigale V4, the Desmosedici Stradale single engine

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It is called Panigale V4 and marks a new and important chapter in Ducati history, a “symphony” of performances and emotions all Italian. The Panigale V4 is the first mass-produced bike from the Bologna-based company to be equipped with a 4-cylinder engine, strictly derived from the Desmosedici of the MotoGP.

It is a concentrate of technology, style and performance Ducati. A motorcycle that, with a displacement of 1,103 cm3, 214 hp of power and a power / weight ratio of 1,1 CV / kg, becomes the new reference in the segment of supersports of production.

Ducati Panigale V4, technical sheet

The Panigale V4 replaces the iconic 1299 Panigale and increases its performance and ease of driving , to offer every driver, from the less expert to the top rider, great emotions and fun. Developed in close collaboration with Ducati Corse, it exploits the know-how and technology of the racing world to be the closest road bike to a MotoGP.

Its performances are underlined from a design that, although in continuity with that of the super sports cars that preceded it, transmits even more markedly the sense of power and essentiality typical of Ducati racing motorcycles. The name Panigale V4 combines the name “Panigale”, and the charm that evokes to the fans, with the initials “V4”, identifying the engine that opens the new era of the Italian motorcycle manufacturer.

In addition to the Panigale V4 la family consists of Panigale V4 S equipped with refined Öhlins suspension with Smart EC 2.0 system and high-level components such as the forged aluminum wheels and the lithium-ion battery. The range is completed by the exclusive Panigale V4 Speciale, produced in a limited numbered series, featuring a dedicated livery, titanium exhaust and aluminum components machined from solid.

The philosophy followed by the team development of the Panigale V4 is the same that Ducati leads the design of a racing bike: the search for total integration between engine, chassis and rider. To achieve this goal, it was made use of technologies derived from MotoGP while the development on the track, done together with the technicians and drivers of Ducati Corse, allowed to create an extremely efficient track bike but also enjoyable on the road.

The Desmosedici Stradale engine is a 90 ° V4 with Desmodromic distribution like the Desmosedici GP, from which it also takes the bore value of 81 mm (the maximum allowed by the MotoGP technical regulations). This has been associated with a longer stroke (which leads to a total displacement of 1,103 cm3) to increase the torque at low and medium rpm and reduce the maximum revolutions so as to make the delivery more manageable.

new Ducati engine has a power of 214 hp, at 13,000 rpm, which makes the Panigale V4 the most performing bike in the segment, but still enjoyable on the road thanks to a torque of 12.6 Kgm to 10.000 rev / min. Despite these benchmark performances the Desmosedici Stradale allows long maintenance intervals that provide for the control of the valve play every 24,000 km

The engine of the Panigale V4 is the only one in the sports segment to have the 90 ° V configuration and to use technologies such as the rotating counter drive shaft and the “twin pulse” ignition order. These solutions contribute to making the bike agile in direction changes and stable and fast in travel, as well as guaranteeing easy management of the torque at the corner exit. The already high power of the Desmosedici Stradale engine in series configuration grows further, reaching 226 hp, mounting the racing exhaust completely titanium, made by Akrapovič on Ducati Corse specifications.

Wanting to contain as much as possible the inevitable weight increase compared to the Panigale 1299, due to the greater splitting, Ducati has developed an unprecedented chassis called “Front Frame”. More compact and light than a perimeter frame, it uses the engine as a stressed element of the chassis. This solution guarantees the right torsional stiffness when driving at the limit, always offering great feeling to the rider. By exploiting this canvas choice, the designers were able to create a streamlined motion in the area of ​​connection between the tank and the saddle to ensure great freedom of movement for the driver in the sporting driving

Careful planning and use of lightweight materials allowed to reduce the weight of the kerb (or in running order with 90% of the fuel) for the “S” and Special versions of 195 kg. This weight, combined with the power of 214 HP, places at the top of the sports segment the Panigale V4 S with a power / weight ratio of 1.1 HP / kg.

Power and active safety

The Panigale V4 not only sets new absolute benchmarks in performance but also raises the standards of active safety and control of vehicle dynamics thanks to a latest generation electronic package that exploits at best the potential offered by Bosch's six-axis inertial platform

On this bike unpublished controls were introduced such as the controlled slip in braking, the ABS Cornering acting on the front brake only with a setup specifically designed for on-track driving and the Quickshift Up & Down with a strategy that takes into account the bend angle. All these controls, developed on the track together with the official Ducati test drivers and riders, are integrated into the three Riding Modes (Race, Sport and Street) and can be modified using the new and innovative TFT dashboard which places the Panigale V4 in the category's technological leader. [19659003]