Fiat Tipo, 30 years: always focuses on functionality and simplicity

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Fiat Tipo, after 30 years the challenge is still open. The new model boasts considerable success in the crucial segment C in which Fiat has always tried to emerge. An anniversary occurs today. On January 26, 1988 he began Type, heir to Ritmo who in turn had replaced 128. From 1100 onwards, the compact Fiat have accompanied Italian families, and not only, along the path of social and economic evolution of our country and of Europe as a whole. From the beginning it was the optimal choice for many young professionals, family fathers looking for a concrete, modern and at the same time elegant product

Fiat Tipo, as it goes on the road

Fiat Type, model of 1988

The Fiat Tipo di thirty years ago was the daughter of an innovative project in every aspect. The Fiat engineers conceived a model capable of offering a high level of driveability, performance, comfort and safety, without sacrifice, and focused as never before on ergonomic aspects. The Type “shone” for its constructive precision, thanks to innovative production technologies, and for the precious materials that guaranteed reliability and quality. A car so appreciated for its functionality, simplicity and personality

Fiat Tipo Station Wagon, the best-selling diesel in Italy

These characteristics are found in the current Fiat Tipo, which refers to the spirit of 'forerunner. It is in fact an unprecedented blend of technology, robustness and functionality, which has conquered the C segment, thanks to the strength of its concreteness. It is on the podium in Italy among the best-selling cars of 2017 and leader in the C segment, 20.7% share in the year, and has been chosen by over 180,000 drivers in the EMEA region. Moreover, for the second consecutive year the car with the highest growth rate in Europe has been confirmed.

Functionality and innovation

On the day of the thirtieth birthday, we can focus on the features of the 1988 Fiat Tipo which find again in today's. It is not a coincidence that the new Fiat Tipo maintains, with pride, the name of its progenitor, which shares its spirit and its DNA. Speaking of design, for example, the Tipo shows a clean, but innovative and peculiar line, and is best in class regarding the interior spaces: a pleasant déjà vu for a comfortable functionality.

The aesthetic choices adopted give the Fiat Tipo great road presence. The front develops horizontally expressing dynamism, in a coherent way on all three declinations of the model. The streamlined and essential side and the attention to aerodynamics are common features between today's model and yesterday's model. As for the 5-door version, the one most immediately attributable to the 1988 model, it is interesting to dwell on the tailgate, which is wide and allows a particularly regular loading opening, to access the 440-liter compartment (550 liters in the Station version) Wagon), at the top of the category. Just the tailgate was a technological innovation on the car of thirty years ago and was made of a special plastic material, lightweight and free from corrosion.

A car body of immediate appeal today as yesterday, we they combine cabinets designed according to principles fully in line with the contents of the project and capable of expressing the values ​​of concreteness, simplicity and functionality, the formula that has always distinguished the Fiat cars of the C segment, all characteristics that belong to the brand's DNA. [19659010]

A complete family in a simple offer

The Fiat Tipo of 1988 was built on one of the first modular platforms, which anticipated the concept of family expressed by the current type in its three declinations. Its chassis was in fact the basis on which other models of the group were developed, among which the Fiat Tempra, available with a classic three-volume body and in the familiar declination, the Tempra SW Trent years later, Fiat Tipo 4 porte , Fiat Tipo 5 porte and Fiat Tipo Station Wagon are Fiat's answer to a world that has new needs and new ways of purchasing linked to conscious and concrete choices. All the features of Fiat Tipo boast an unbeatable “value offer” and are aimed at families, couples and professionals.

In terms of personality, Fiat Tipo, in all its forms, expresses itself through a dynamic style with a strong character. The simplicity of choice for the customer translates into an offer of engines and fittings directly at the heart of the market: the simple and linear logic of the range is another affinity with the Fiat Tipo of thirty years ago. In fact, in 1988 it debuted with five petrol and diesel engines, capable of satisfying all the demands of the market at the time, and two set-up levels. All other distinctive signs were deliberately omitted to accentuate the substantial meaning of novelty and maturity of contents of the model with the name “Tipo”

 Fiat Tipo S-Design, special series for form and content
Fiat Tipo S- Design, special series for form and content

From the “Digit” to the Uconnect 7 system “

Always in the full Fiat spirit, all the declinations of the Tipo family adopt numerous solutions that improve the life of those who he guides them and lives them as a passenger. This is demonstrated by the rich standard equipment and the debut of the innovative Uconnect system TM 7 “HD LIVE with a 7” high-resolution color touch-screen and capacitive screen that allows “pinch & swipe”, or a use similar to that of modern tablets. Also available is the Uconnect Link with Apple CarPlay integration TM and Android Auto compatibility TM which allows the driver to use his smartphone more intuitively.

Also in 1988 the Type he made himself talk about technological innovation thanks to a note of particular modernity and functionality: the digital electronic instrumentation of the “Digit” equipment, inserted in a dashboard with a specific design integrated into the dashboard. The visualization of the “Digit” versions was digital, with advanced features both on the functional level and on the ergonomic aspect, with an optimal perceptibility of information.

Fiat Tipo celebrates a memorable past and is ready to face the challenges of the future, with the awareness and maturity of its first thirty years. It was developed by involving a dedicated international team of over 2,000 people for over three years of work during which more than 8.7 million kilometers were traveled in the most extreme climatic, road and altitude conditions, to propose a family of cars ready marketing in over fifty countries in the EMEA area, and the market is rewarding it with significant commercial results

 Fiat Tipo Carabinieri 1
Fiat Tipo dei Carabinieri