G-tron, Audi methane cuts costs but not performance

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All 'agree, the future is electric but the present ? At the end of 2017 the zero-emission circulating fleet in Italy represented 0.2% (in Norway 30%). An obvious symptom that, at least from us, we must find routes alternative to follow to reduce the smog.

Today the solution around the corner exists and suggests the use of cars fed to methane with bivalent engines. Which also entail a savings in terms of expenditure fuel of the 65% compared to petrol, diesel (40%) and LPG (20%) . Figures expressed in a convincing way by Fabrizio Longo director of Audi Italia, on the occasion of Care's, project by the starred chef Norbert Niederkofler of the St. Hubertus of San Cassiano (which recently won the third Michelin star, ndr ), to promote respect for nature through a different food and wine culture

Audi, waiting to present in 2018 the first Suv totally electric with a autonomy of 500 kilometers focuses on the present with the range g-tron to methane. The A3 Sportback which has already had a significant and surprising success on the market. The A4 Avant and the A5 Sportback 'premium' cars from the low consumption, considerable autonomy, technologically advanced

Audi methane, the words of Fabrizio Longo , director of Audi Italia

« Natural gas represents a healthy carrier of environmental and economic values. It is certainly more virtuous than the electric, with 30% less emissions than Co2. The world of cars is close to an inevitable change of skin, even if it is not the first cause of pollution, since traffic affects 10%, home heating 62% “.

Methane cars are not subject to traffic blocks . The three Audi, tested at San Cassiano, from the performance point of view do not disappoint expectations. Guaranteeing the typical driving pleasure of the brand. Moreover, in addition to the impact on the environment, it is the fuel cost that makes the difference . The A3 Sportback gets to consume 3.3 kg of methane (less than 4 euros) per 100 km . The A4 Avant as the A5, 3,8 .

Bifuel models that ensure a travel autonomy of about 500 km for A4 and A5 and which reaches up to 950 exploiting the petrol supply a. I prices we pass from 27,200 euros of A3 Sportback to 41,250 3 44,230 respectively of A4 and A5 .

Audi, obviously, prepares its own offensive on the electric at least twenty models from here to the next 8 years »). Stringer agreements with Enel that by 2022 should bring in Italy from 2,205 to 14 thousand charging stations . But consider fundamental the focus on security today as tomorrow. «I the social cost – added Longo – linked to the incidents between 2013 and 2015 was 17.5 billion euros. Security systems can lead to a 45 percent reduction . To achieve a more mature and responsible mobility “.

Paolo Reggianini