Husqvarna, here are the new Vitpilen 701, 401 and Svartpilen 401

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Husqvarna presents the new models Vitpilen 701, 401 and Svartpilen 401. They are united from the avant-garde design and the pioneering approach and open a new way of access to the culture of motorcycling. Husqvarna Motorcycles presented the first three models of the new “Real Street” range on January 23 in the Prime Time Loft space in Milan, marking the definitive return of the Swedish-born brand in the motorcycles segment.

Conceptually inspired by simplicity of the classic Silverpilen of 1955, these three motorcycles aim to attract a new generation of urban motorcyclists, free from the stereotypes that want to group those who go into motion in predefined categories, but who are looking for innovative proposals in terms of style. The iconic VITPILEN versions 401 and 701 define an unprecedented offer on the market of high quality motorcycles, while the SVARTPILEN 401 declines the same concept of design in a slightly rougher and inspired by the off-road world.

These models they combine the simplicity of clear Swedish inspiration with modern technology and premium quality that characterizes Husqvarna Motorcycles. They are all based on a technically advanced package, with the most advanced and performing single-cylinder engines available on the market today, a refined trellis frame made of steel tubes and suspension of superior quality. The new “Real Street” range will be available at the Italian dealerships starting in February 2018, offering a new paradigm and a new way of access for less approved and more aware motorcyclist customers, looking for a new, authentic driving experience. without filters.


The VITPILEN (in Swedish “Freccia Bianca”) 401 is a simple but avant-garde motorcycle that offers a never-seen approach on a vehicle with a displacement less than 500cc, and a new style in the motorcycle world in general. Introduced as a “concept” at EICMA 2014, it traced the way back to Husqvarna Motorcycles in the road motorcycles segment. Contemporary and minimalist, this means of clear urban inspiration is based on a layout reduced to the maximum but state of the art, which relies on a refined single-cylinder 375cc with ride-by-wire system, a compact trellis frame with great dynamic qualities , an advanced suspension package made by WP and quality brakes with standard ABS.

Weight and power are the best in the category . The model includes premium features such as LED headlights and high quality spoked rims. The extremely clean shapes define a comfortable ergonomics, and the compactness and lightness of the bike guarantee an accessible driving position that allows you to have maximum control of the vehicle in every situation.


Presented together with the VITPILEN 401, the SVARTPILEN 401 (in Swedish “Freccia nera”) is one of the milestones in the new era of Husqvarna Motorcycles. Based on the same advanced technological platform as the sister VITPILEN, the SVARTPILEN 401 stands as urban explorer of the most rude forms, interpreted in a fresh and modern way, with a unique style that differs from the classic approach of competing products. The SVARTPILEN 401 exemplifies the combination of simplicity and functionality typical of the Swedish school design, with the practical luggage rack on the tank, the protections such as a cup guard and the protection of the exhaust pipe and tethered tires that make it very versatile. The handlebar fold, high and straight off-road style, contributes to a comfortable driving position ready to easily cope with both urban traffic and country roads.

VITPILEN 701 [19659006] Presented for the first time at EICMA 2015 as a declination of the VITPILEN concept on a larger engine platform, the VITPILEN 701 is the flagship of the “Real Street” range of Husqvarna Motorcycles. Its visionary, modern and advanced form represents the logical next step in the vision of the brand for its road products. The pure design free from influences from the two-wheeler industry is true to the values ​​of the Husqvarna brand. A product designed for those who see the bike as an outward expression of their spirit, and which offers a new gateway to motorcycle culture.

In the VITPILEN 701, the most advanced engineering meets a pure style and authentic to offer a modern, sincere and uncompromising driving experience. Its single-cylinder 692cc is equipped with all the latest solutions, from the four-valve distribution to the latest generation electronic management, and is today the most advanced and high-performance on the market thanks to its 56 kW (75 hp) and torque of 72 Nm at 6,750 rpm. The electronic injection is controlled by a ride-by-wire system that allows power to be delivered in an immediate, precise and modulated manner. The Keihin throttle body features a motorized butterfly valve, controlled by the electronic control unit (EMS).

Specific sensors continuously send information to the control unit, which consequently adjusts the opening of the throttle to guarantee delivery and response. in command of perfect gas. The chassis of the VITPILEN 701 is based on a lightweight trellis frame that ensures precise behavior and inspires confidence in all conditions. Chromium-molybdenum-alloyed steel tubes are laser-cut, hydroformed and welded by robots to ensure consistent quality that is free from defects.

The accurately calculated torsional stiffness and longitudinal values ​​give the driver an extremely accurate feeling; the perfect weight distribution and the small turning radius make life easier for drivers in urban contexts. The APTC (Adler Power Torque Control) anti-friction clutch allows higher speeds both in and out of corners. The system maximizes the adherence of the rear wheel in the most decisive accelerations, and avoids the instability and hopping of the rear axle in the most intense and intense braking, offering greater control and impeccable climbs.

Brembo brake calipers work supervised by the more advanced ABS system by the Bosch specialist, which guarantees the highest level of safety when changing braking conditions but can also be excluded, for more experienced riders. To complete the new Husqvarna Motorcycles road range, a complete range of accessories and clothing is available to customize the motorcycle and keep up with the latest trends in casual wear for motorcyclists. The new “Real Street” range of Husqvarna Motorcycles will be available from February 2018 at the official dealer network.


VITPILEN 701: 10.350 euros
VITPILEN 401: 6.550 euros
SVARTPILEN 401: 6,550 EUR [19659020]