Jaguar E-Pace, here's how it really goes the Jaguar SUV

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Giaguarina . It is the affectionate nickname of Jaguar E-Pace the latest addition to the British house. Fashion and the market invoke Suv compact and then Jaguar cuts 14 cm from F-Pace, progenitor of the off-road brand and puts on the track the new jewel. Long 4 meters and 30, wide and spacious in the interior, decidedly sporty in design inspired by the cousin F-Type, the E-Pace is destined to fight with the fierce competition of the premium 3 segment SUVs: Bmw X2 and X3, Audi Q5 and Mercedes GLC.

The great success of F-Pace has opened the horizons to a wider clientele . And the new compact SUV, sewn on young families, should bring up to 80 percent of new customers to the brand, in the votes of the marketing men of the Jaguar. To win the battle of the E-Pace market takes advantage of the platform of Range Rover Evoque . But it clings to the Jaguar DNA to transfer into the compact SUV design and sporting performance of race.

The four-wheel drive the 21-inch tires, the proven engines Ingenium 4-cylinder, the gearbox automatic ZF nine-speed, state-of-the-art driving assistive technology and the ability to stay connected always complete the picture of an ambitious, high-quality car.

How it goes by road

Proven along the evocative and winding roads south of Corsica E-Pace brings out its aggressive character. And absolute composure even in the most extreme situations. A minicurcuito offroad with ford, roughness, loose stones and vertiginous descents underlines the off-road qualities of the Giaguarina. Always comfortable on any terrain he pulls out of the most uncomfortable situations with a trickle of gas. Taking advantage of the four-wheel drive and the ever-perfect torque distribution

 Jaguar E-Pace, here's how the Gaguera SUV really goes

On the road the 2-liter 180 HP diesel is less brilliant in accelerations. Also for the consistent weight of the car. And the steering has some roughness compared to the fluid rhythm and to the millimeter curves drawn by the Ingenium with petrol that reach up to 300 cv. The interiors are well cared for and a 12-inch touchscreen stands out on the dashboard, the seats are sporty and snug but with some extra stiffness in the backrest

The driving is forcefully high. Also for the intrusive bulk of the front axle with a large calender that is redundant. Overall a winning project designed to renew the success of Jaguar in the world of SUVs. The prices start at 36,800 euros of the entry version. But skyrocket up to 66 thousand for the petrol version of 300 horses superaccessoriata. A gem among the options is the Activity Key a waterproof bracelet that supports the traditional key. Because E Pace also winks at the adventure.

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