Lamborghini: V12, hybrid and 1000 horses for the heir of the Aventador

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The life cycle of the Lamborghini Aventador should end in 2020 when his heir arrives. We still do not know its name, but the hypothetical date is that. From Detroit Motor Show where it was presented to the American public Urus some leaks have been leaked.

The supercar that will replace the Aventador will still have the V12 engine aspirated . And this is a reassurance that Lamborghini enthusiasts will surely like. It will not however remain insensitive to the era of electrification and to work with the traditional engine there will also be one or more than one electric . To date, the 6.5-liter V12 mounted on the Aventador produces 730 horsepower . With the hybrid version it is likely to think that over 1,000 .

Motor Authority has collected the declarations of Maurizio Reggiani Director of Development and Research Lamborghini . Asked if the V12 will be maintained, the answer was clear: “ I tell you, yes, yes, yes, yes “, just to reaffirm the concept. Electrification is a necessary turning point. “ With the new Aventador we will have to decide what the future of supercars will be in terms of electrical contributions. How to manage the extra weight of electrification and guarantee in every way the DNA of a supercar “.

Weight management is certainly the most delicate detail for Lamborghini engineers. The heir to the Aventador will also have the active aerodynamics system present on Huracan and will be the fastest ever Lamborghini.