Microcar: features and legislation to drive

The microcar have become part of everyday life, especially that of the youngest, and possess specific legislation for what concerns the guide. Let's find out what are the necessary documents to drive a microcar.

What is a microcar

It is a mini automobile which by law is assimilated to a mopedie it can carry a number of passengers not exceeding 2 and can not exceed 45 km / h of speed

The spirit of the appearance on the market and the spread of microcar consists in the possibility of transport even for those who do not has a category B license, in this case the very young. Very important is the educational effect that can impress on young people if it is replaced by the classic moped.

These mini cars do not actually meet the 50 cc parameter as it does for mopeds, but are assimilated to such by the legislation. They are equipped with safety devices like traditional cars, so seat belts or airbags

There are many models on the market that vary in appearance and in the internal equipment as accessories, but all are responsive to the parameter of the motorization which is around 500 cc


Specifically to drive a mini car is expected to own the license AMthe license that replaced the classic driving license for mopeds.

An important parameter is the maximum speed that, as mentioned, must be attested on 45 km / h. There are penalties also heavy not only for those who exceed this limit to driving, but also for those who build microcar that can exceed the speed established by law or for those who work on the engine so that these mini cars go faster

Two points that the law on mini cars claims are those that the lights are kept on even during the day and that the seat belts are used. The sanctions that occur in case of transgression are similar to those for traditional cars

Documents to drive microcar

As already stated the basic requirement to drive a microcar is the possession of the license AMwhich replaced the old license.

There are two ways to pursue the license:

  • you can go to a 'driving school and everything will be done inside, from the visit medical, documents, final examinations,
  • can be achieved by privatista at the motorizationin this case you will have to do everything yourself.

What changes between the two methods of achievement is the parameter of comfort, higher in the case of a driving school in a clear manner and the cost parameter, which will obviously be lower if the license is obtained as a private individual.

In any case, attach the license to the license own identity document is never wrong in case of circulation.