New BMW 8 Series, first image and test on the track at Aprilia

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New BMW 8 Series the super coupe Bavarian will arrive on the market in summer . BMW showed the first image of the latter. And he presented the movie that you see above. Where the new 8 Series shows itself on the track. The video was shot in Italy, in proving ground to Aprilia in ' Agro Pontino .

Also plug-in hybrid

they are proportionate. The rear lights are very thin and stretched horizontally. A classic stylistic choice and the same philosophy seems replicated on the front. The Series 8 will replace the current Series 6 . And it will adopt the engines 6 and 8 cylinders more performing than BMW . There are also versions hybrid plug-ins . And there will also be a M8 (the M8 GTE from the race is already operational) that will be powered by a 4.4-liter V8 from 600 horses or perhaps more.

It will also be four-wheel drive, which in BMW called xDrive with special outfits such as the ever-loved M-Sport. All that remains is to wait for the reveal, which will be at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

 New BMW 8 Series