New Mercedes Classe A, video preview

The new Mercedes A-Class is one of the most anticipated cars of the 2018. The fourth generation remains in the wake of the third, which was successful as a two-volume compact sedan. A segment C classic, sportiveggiante: very different from the first two series, which were minivans.


Mercedes released a filmed of the test winter of the new A-Class. A few seconds, but the five-door show already some important characteristics. It will again be to front tractionmodel of “tip” of the Mark with this characteristic.

The A Class will debut in 2018, and it is already shown in its interiorsvery technological and luxury. The project W177 – this is the name of the car – will arrive in the first half. And the design will take inspiration from the new CLSthat is, with some details of s portivitybut also simplicity in lines.

More space on board and even hybrid engines

L evolution of the MFA platform (M odular F ront-wheel drive A rchitecture) will provide more space for passengers, but also capacity of boot. There will be updates for engines petrol and diesel. But obviously there will also be the powertrain hybridsmild (light) and plug-in (with autonomy even only electric ). Do not miss the version AMGcalled to break through the wall of 400 horses, to overtake the competition.