Recommended Books and Tools 

A portable deck of cards for inspiration with a mini booklet filled with examples and steps revolving around the SCAMPER (Substitute/Combine/Adapt/Modify/Put/Eliminate/Reverse) acronym. This is a good deck for keeping yourself mentally agile but not really for brainstorming in a group setting because some of the cards are more detailed than others. The "Evaluate" cards are most useful.

How to Generate Ideas
This book is your one-stop for varieties of ideation and brainstorming games. And they really are games - with fun names like "The Battle of the Sexes" and "What's on TV tonight". There is also a handful of evaluation techniques and games at the end. Really easy to skim/read/try.

Although it may seem like this book is only for advertising or campaign brainstorming, the tools outlined for lateral thinking are relevant to general ideation. Additionally the guerrilla marketing tactics and campaigns serve as inspiring stimuli for challenging your own assumptions to develop ideas.

The Red Rubber Ball at Work: Elevate Your Game Through the Hidden Power of Play
Find inspiring vignettes, case studies of innovators and "players", and actionable lists of organizations, books and articles to check out. All of the stories stem from the fact that play is integral to creativity and innovation. Kevin Carroll himself has an awe-inspiring background.

Why Not?: How to Use Everyday Ingenuity to Solve Problems Big And Small
The powerful question "Why not?" slices, dices and turns challenges upside down. The book provides tools to tackle different problem, and offers case studies of solutions. The books spawned a site called Why Not which has an Idea Exchange and community voting.

Absolutely love the variety of "recipes" to harness the power of creativity. The author's passionate personality and expertise in market research definitely comes through in the book. I particularly liked how she integrated food, music, and theater into many of the brainstorming techniques.

Recommended Videos 
The Art of Teaching Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Entire Talk)
Stanford's Tina Seelig provides examples from innovation and creativity classes. The big message is to embrace failure.

Tim Brown: Tales of Creativity and Play
CEO Tim Brown of IDEO shares how adults forget how to indulge in exploratory play and openness.

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