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Great to meet everyone. It was fun. Great way to break the ice while meeting a new bunch of folks and actually use some gray matter to solve real problems.
Gaurav Chawla, Entrepreneur

It was really fun. I LOVED: - the props to prime the mind - that you incorporated two real contests into the activities - the magazine clippings - again bringing real companies into the session. Additionally, some suggestions: 
- maybe experiment with narrowing the travel exercise - e.g. each team focusing on an even smaller aspect (luggage, flights, etc) for more directed brainstorming? 
- more mixing up of people. This is a tough one with limited time and the team bonding was also important. But it would have been nice for more people to meet each other. 
- the brainstorming process itself could be more structured. E.g. rapid ideation + thematic categorization + voting/narrowing + refining. Stanford d school has some cool resources around this stuff also. 
Overall this was an awesome Sunday event and a good excuse to meet up with lots of people who we otherwise wouldn't have met. 
 H.B., Entrepreneur, Technologist, Engineer

Attending the IdeaKube meetup in DC was a great opportunity to flex the creativity muscles while having fun and meeting interesting people; I truly enjoyed it!! I was reenergized, I laughed a lot and learned some unique brainstorming techniques; I loved it. IdeaKube concept and techniques would be a great team building activity; I highly recommend it.
Marisol M. Rodriguez, Business Development and Coaching

The first meet up for me , the idea was original. The attendees were motivated . The interaction was engrossing. The time was well planned and utilized. 
Sailesh Mehta, Entrepreneur

Lots of fun and great conversations. 
DD, Construction Industry

Great way to get out of one's comfort zone and think a little differently. 
Murli, Professional

A very unique concept where networking meets brainstorming. Was great to meet people from very diverse backgrounds and to generate ideas with them. Kriti did a great job of making everyone feel engaged and at ease. Time flew by and everyone had a great time! 
Kanchi Dheer, Marketing Professional

Loved meeting people from diverse backgrounds and brainstorming on challenges/everyday issues. The entire atmosphere was fun and relaxed. Kriti did a fantastic job organising and facilitating the event. Kudos! 
Swetha, Professional

Kriti perfectly brought together brainstorming and networking in an engaging and fun filled evening. It was great for an organization like ours that is in need of fresh ideas and a wider network 
Nikhil Jagga, Consultant

Surprisingly refreshing way to spend an afternoon; connecting with people over ideation. Kriti kept it simple, engaging and relaxed. And I came away with some interesting solutions to my own challenges.  
Vikram Mengi, Co-Founder & Director, Latize Pte Ltd

A fun and stimulating way to gather new ideas about issues that concern you and to meet new interesting people. Kriti moderated in a very personable and effective way getting people to think and engage them in deep discussions.  
Thomas Martin, Forward Intelligence Group

I attended my first Ideakube event and found that Kriti's got a fun and effective way worked out to get professionals from all backgrounds brought together in random groups, to bring fresh creative ideas out of themselves together in an uninhibited way, that takes brainstorming up to a different new level that is awesome plus wholesome.  
Harish Shah, Consultant, Coach, Futurist, Speaker, Strategist

Met some great people, and nice interactive brainstorming games.     
Nynke, Innovation Professional

I was really impressed with how Kriti managed to get a room full of strangers, from diverse sectors, to brainstorm theoretical scenarios with real world learning. She helped to connect Aravind Eye Foundation, who I volunteer for, with great new people. And it was fun!     
Catriona Matthews, Executive Director, CCS

This was the first ideation party that I attended and I was bit nervous. But I found the whole experience to be very fun and definitely a boost to get my creative juices flowing. The session was comfortable and a enjoyable experience!!     
Pranita Mehta, PR Account Executive

The Ideation Party was not only interactive and fun, it really did get my creative juices flowing and helped me start thinking more out of the box. I liked the fact that together, in teams, we brainstormed about different ways to solve real world problems and came up with ideas that could be used to grow awareness about those problems. I highly recommend hosting an Ideation Party with Kriti to foster innovation and creativity from any and all of your team members.    
JKN, Digital Media Strategist, The Kaur Team

Kriti's event was really inspiring and 'feel good' experience. Taking time out of my day to meet new people and to brainstorm ideas amongst a diverse crowd was fulfilling. The approach Kriti took in having us think one way (where money is no really object) and then challenging us to think with more constraints was a great way to get creativity going. She did an excellent job of communicating the objectives. Well done. Would love to attend more!     
Kajal Dadhania, Product Manager at Citi but looking to start my own thing one day...

IdeaKube helped our organization connect with exactly the kind of people we want to involve in our work. Kriti is a creative, enthusiastic and thoughtful facilitator -- as well as a wonderful person! We'd love to work with IdeaKube again.     
Donna, Executive Director, Aravind Eye Foundation

IdeaKube has been a great experience for all those people we met at the last two events. Idea Generation, Brainstorming, Out of the Box Creative Thinking, and Networking in one intimate event.     
Mukesh Patel, JuiceTank Founder and CEO, Mentor/Advisor, Attorney, PE Principal

Solid, creative, inspirational, determined and supportive..This defines the attendees and the environment at ideation parties. The energy is tremendous and the exchange of ideas, phenomenal. It caters to new and seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals. Kriti's warm, friendly and intelligent personality does wonders for our creative juices. She definitely has the leadership skills to run and organize such productive meetings. I'd recommend Kriti's meetings to all individuals in the corporate or entrepreneurial arena seeking to improve their business with originality.     
VP, Pharma Subject Matter Expert (Medical Education)

Found IdeaKube through meetup.com, and their Ideation Party was the best meetup yet. The atmosphere is playful and creative. The support is tremendous - not just in encouragement, but in curated real-world ideas and trends. The snacks are out of this world, which definitely helps the energy.     
David Kieve, President of Double Speed Media LLC, Television Writer, Comedian, Musician

I would welcome an opportunity to go to another one in the near future. It attracted bright, articulate people who had a lot to say.     
Elaine Kirchen, Professional

Kriti's ideation parties gave me inspiration when I was out of ideas. They gave me sounding boards when I thought I was crazy. They gave me motivation when I was lacking it. Viva la ideacion!     
Giancarlo M, Marketing and Strategy Professional

I attended several of Kriti's ideation parties, they were very enjoyable events, composed of a wide range of people from serial entrepreneurs and CTOs to actresses and musicians. The activities were well prepared and designed to get people to really think in new ways (aka 'out of the box') and be disruptive in their approach to problem-solving. What was remarkable was both the personal connections make in the events and also the high-quality ideas using techniques which varied at every event. Two thumbs up!     
Naum I, Head of BD Strategy and Operations for YouTube EMEA at Google

I enjoyed getting people together to engage in a creative outlet (I'm not necessarily the most creative person). I remember enjoying our conversations, snacks, and meeting new people.     
Yeribel L, Project Management and Non-Profit Professional

The ideation parties were always, without exception, engaging afternoons that involved a great deal of mental gymnastics as we pondered innovative marketing and business ideas from around the world. We turned these ideas sideways, upside down, shook them up to find additional applications in our current situation/problem/opportunity. We thought up brand new solutions, designed individually or in small teams all the while chowing on some innovatively concocted drink or bites that Kriti had dreamed up. As our dynamic leader and facilitator, Kriti ensured a constant and plentiful supply of toys, props and exercises to keep the creative juices flowing; there was never a dull moment!     
Jinny U, Retail and Technology Professional

I've had the opportunity to sit in for Kriti's ideation sessions and I think it provides for a unique, entertaining and enriching experience. Unlike other focus groups that I have been a part of, Kriti focuses more on freedom of idea generation. Although most participants tend to be from a similar educational background, Kriti has the ability to bring out each one's unique perspective!     
Madhuri I, Finance Professional

I really had an amazing time at Ideation today. Thank u so much for allowing us to invite ourselves to this occasion.I’m really bad at public speaking (and maybe even creative thinking) but i wish I could be present every month as a mute spectator…I totally loved the exchange & flow of thoughts, ideas & visions. I think this initiative is awesome.    
Sweta M, Finance Professional

Creative thinking at its best with stimulating conversations and brainstorming with a fun twist.    
Anu S, Entrepreneur and Strategy Professional

Ideation parties were the highlight of each month, and I have very fond memories of them. Although most of us were quite focused on the discussions (we did believe we were changing the world then & there!), the greatest benefit was meeting interesting people across different backgrounds, but who wanted to create value through entrepreneurship or just greater participation in out-of-the-box ideas. I would recommend anyone who is interested in either of the above to try out a couple of sessions. Feel free to bring along any interesting person you know - its pretty much all that is needed to enjoy these meetups!
Ravi S, Entrepreneur and Strategy Professional

I had the privilege to attending some of Kriti’s ideation parties in New York and in White Plains.The ideation sessions bring together some really bright and intelligent people from the New York Metro area. Kriti has an extensive network of well-read and well-travelled crowd that is fun to interact with during the sessions. Kriti is a great facilitator for these sessions and has a unique style to get everyone to speak out and express his or her ideas in the most clear and detailed manner possible. No one keeps quite at these sessions and if anyone does, Kriti ensures that they are pulled into the discussions. Kriti also provides a summary of the session online so one can always go there for reference later.

Great way to think out of the box and think aloud on ideas that may not be directly related to our day to day work but that derive from our daily experiences and perceptions.

The Food!!! The snacks she arranges are conversation starters in themselves. Whether you are munching on salty snacks from South Korea or sipping on a green colored bottled drink from Manila, you are going to feel that this is one cool treat.     

Sangram B, Technology Professional

I attended a couple of Ideation parties and found them to be unique and insightful. They provoked out-of-the-box thinking, creative thought processes and new ideas. Moreover, I met some very smart and interesting people who offered a new dimension and perspective to the discussions.     
Mac F, Entrepreneur

Kriti's ideation parties are a bundle of free-flowing, idea-creating fun. She has perfected the art of associational thinking and leads attendees through a process that enables them to generate new business and product ideas by connecting the dots between unrelated items and thoughts. Each time I attend, I come out surprised by the number of new, outlandish ideas that popped into my head and inspired by the ideas contributed by other attendees.     
Erica Swallow, Student, PR Professional, Journalist

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