Risotto with Jerusalem artichoke

Also called "Jerusalem artichoke" or "Rupee Germans", Topinambur The character of this recipe is simple and healthy, for the excellent Rosotou. A versatile container that is suitable for winter months Suitable for dinner with friends and suitable for those who do not want to leave their kitchen creativity or seasonal materials.

Risotto with Jerusalem artichokes, in particular, allows us to experiment with this root with tubers of many beneficial properties for the body. In fact, the root of this perennial herb has a flavor that is similar to potatoes and artichokes and can be consumed raw or cooked, steamed or even cooked. Due to the abundant amount of anolina soluble fiber such as starch, Jericho Jerusalem is considered as a peri-biotic food and has a relatively low caloric intake, which is why it is a credible alternative. But its benefits do not end: This element actually provides support for digestionreduces blood pressure by supporting cardiac activity, reduces the absorption of bad cholesterol, and regulates sugar Blood helps. It is therefore suitable for people with diabetes but also for children, elderly, athletes and athletes who can benefit from anti-stress properties

Topinambur, however, is not alone, especially the element Useful risotto. In fact, we recommend that you use onions to prepare foods that are of interest to you antihistamines, diuretics and anti-inflammatory drugs. It is also interesting in this case that we can act as hypoglycemic in diabetes, because disulfide a compound of sulfur, increases insulin and stabilizes the level of glucose. [1965،9002] So, how to prepare Rosoto Rosito with Jericho Jerusalem: the first good and healthy one that he recommends to his friends. Our recommendation is to prepare the olfactory composition that you prefer before harvesting vegetables at home with celery, carrots and onions.

Risotto with Topinambur
  • PlateFirst period
  • KitchenItalian
SectionsPreparation time
2Person119659016] SectionsPreparation time
219659014] 1Aura
Raw materials
  • 120g Carnaroli rice
  • qb
  • The house
  • 1 Topinambur [19659028[بزرگ] (or 2 small ones)
  • 1/2 Onions
  • qb Salt
  • qb Peppers
  • qb Eau Deffs
  • qb Saffron
  1. Pour and pour the skin, and pour it with a tbsp of 2 tbsp. of EVO oil for about 10 minutes.

  2. Eat a certain amount of water, a tablespoon of oil and finely chopped onions, and make it coffee.

  3. Pour the rice, test it and add vegetables, preferably at home, gradually cook over half pastry, add Jericho Jerusalem to rice, continue to rice To brush, if necessary

  4. Complete rice cooking, add saffron and let it with cream of EVO oil and season with salt and pepper, before serving risotto with Jerusalem artichoke

Risotto paper with Topinambur It seems to be the first in InSalute.