20 Unbelievable Transformations From The Viral Twitter Hashtag 2012 VS 2018

Remember that embarrassing photo from your past that you put away in an old shoe box? Well, it's time to bust it out, because this year is all about transformations. The hashtag #2012vs2018 is going viral on Twitter, and it has people comparing the way they looked 6 years ago to how they look now. The list features insane weight loss, gender transformation, ugly duckling syndrome and more. It's hard to believe they feature the same people! Make sure to check out the unbelievable makeovers below, and to learn more visit their Twitter accounts!

@addictiveluh  "5 Years Cancer Free 👊"

@charlianngray "This S*** Was Made For Me"

@vivalagoddess "Oh Nooo, Be Careful Who Your Mean To😂"

@FiercelyTrans "Who Is This Dude, Your Cousin?"

@hannahknxght "Finally A Hashtag For me"

@emmabam_ "It's hard to post this even though I don't look like that anymore, I still struggle with my self image. So I'm asking nicely, please be kind..."


@YourFavoriteLeo AKA Kris Jenners Other Daughter "Am I Too Late?"

@carcrasheaarts If We’re Gonna Start Talking Glow Ups, Then Please, Allow Me"

@braveasanoun_ "2012 vs 2018 WOW!!!"

@fabjamiefab "I Did That"

@sadkidsky 2012 versus 2018

@BalwinderSingh0 "Can I Say Blessed?"

@priscillashby #2012vs2018


@christysecades "Thought I Should Join This"

@jemappellegabs "I'll Just Leave This Here..."

@kellyblaus "I Think I Win..."

@cornxbread "They Ask Me What My InspirationWas, I Tell 'Em, Global Warming"


@CassiusSwartz #2012vs2018

@svtaraa "Still Ain't Done Glowing Up"

@outoforder_berg "If I Could Kill Anyone Before 2018, I Would Do It"

@Vic_RVelasco "At Least Now I Am Who I Want To Be"