Family Photos With Something “Off”

Prepare to do a double take

There is something hilariously wrong with each of these 35 family photos. If you're part of a family, you've been part of a family photo. Whether it's one of those formal setups at J.C. Penney where you all sit with perfect forced posture and smile like you don't all hate each other, or it's a candid shot of everyone having "so much fun" at the reunion picnic, we've all been there.

One thing that makes family photos even more fun is by playing a joke on everyone else. Maybe little Timmy is giving the photographer the finger while his siblings fight in the background. Or what about this priceless shot we found of a family stopped at a gas station -- as one of the kids puts the gas station pump in his mouth? Sometimes the best shots are simply optical illusions that make it look like someone's sitting on someone else or has an extra leg or three. Or was that some really good Photoshop?

The absolute funniest family photos, though, are the ones where someone is caught in the act in the background. Think parents taking pictures of cute kids on the beach while questionable activities are taking place behind them ("Susie, LOOK AT ME!"). It's hilarious finding those photos of animals (or people) mating in the background of someone's otherwise perfect image.

Whether or not it was intentional, there is something off about all of the following family photos. Can you figure out what it is?

This Happy Family Portrait

... with li'l Timmy (bottom right) unintentionally (we hope) giving the photographer the finger.

This family at a gas station...

... and the boy in the background about to fill himself up.

This proud papa and his kid...

... and that thing between dad's legs that is actually the baby's foot.


This young boy...

... who looks like he is peeing enough for a class of 50.

This adorable child...

... who is too young to learn about the birds and the bees--and the bunnies.

This shopping cart...

... and the kid in it who wishes she hadn't asked mommy if she could ride in the cart.