Meet The Australian ‘Super Baby’ That Baffled Doctors and Shocked His Parents

It's no secret that being a parent is tough. New parents often feel overwhelmed with all the unexpected twists and turns that take place when raising their first child. By the time they've had their fourth of fifth, they kind've know what to expect. As long as there's no curveballs thrown, experienced parents can usually handle many challenge. However, a curveball was exactly what this family in Australia got handed while adding a new member to their family. Things turned out to be more challenging than ever expected.

Happy Family

Amy and Leigh McNamara from Bendigo, Australia were the thrilled parents of three healthy children. They had wanted a fourth, and so they were thrilled when they found out Amy was pregnant once again. They found out that they were expecting a boy to be born in early 2013. Of course, like many parents, their main concern was that the baby be born happy and healthy.

Bump in the Road

Luckily, the pregnancy proceeded without any problems until the baby was just shy of 8 months. About five weeks before the baby was due, his heart rate began to plummet....

Emergency Operation

In order to save the baby's life, the doctors decided to give an emergency cesarian section. This would allow them treat the baby directly. The McNamara's put their baby's life in the doctor's hands as they let them do the operation.


Baby Boy

Soon, little Jett McNamara was born into the world. His parents hoped that the doctors would be able to treat the issues that were causing his low heart rate so they could take him home. However, the doctors had plenty of concerns before the family could take their new son home.

Abnormal Features


Amy claims of the birth that, "They kept saying things like, 'he has abnormal features.' I just couldn't understand what they meant, he looked like a beautiful baby to me...."

The News

The doctors had concluded that the reason Jett's heart rate had been dropping at such a fast pace was because he had three separate holes in his heart. As if that wasn't bad news enough, he was also born with kidney problems, no calf muscles, and his feet were malformed and pointing upwards towards his shins. It looked like Jett had an incredibly difficult journey ahead of him.

When It Rains It Pours


On top of the already discouraging issues, Jett was also born with a rare disorder called sacral agenesis. Sacral genesis is a congenial developmental disorder that meant he was born without a portion of his lower spine. Amy said, "as soon as they said he would be wheelchair bound and probably not have a good quality of life due to his kidney issues, I broke down."


Amy and Leigh realized that they had no choice but to face the problems ahead. Amy decided to become a full-time mother so she could provide the extra care that Jett needed. They relocated from Bendigo to Melbourne so they could be closer to the hospital where Jett's doctors were located. It was decided that Jett would need to make weekly hospital visits for the first two years of his life.

A Miracle

Eventually, Jett would need surgery to fix the holes in his heart, but during one of the doctors visits, something incredible happened. Amy describes the event, "I took Jett to a regular check-up and they told me all the holes in his heart had closed, and that he didn't need surgery. I couldn't believe the doctor at first, I asked them to double-check."

Super Baby

This was the first time that Amy and Leigh referred to Jett as their 'super baby'. Since then, Jett has continued to amaze his parents and baffle his doctors. They initially believed that Jett would be bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, and this cost put a financial strain on the family.

Financial Difficulties


Things weren't easy for the family of six. Since Amy had quit her job, they were now living on single income. As you can imagine, the cost of Jett's medical care made it hard for the family. Jett's specialized wheelchair alone cost a little less than $5,000.

Helping Hand

This is when a team at a local pharmacy decided to step in. Amy and Jett had become regulars at a particular pharmacy where he inspired all the employees with his amazing story. They began to raise money to pay for Jett's wheelchair to help out the family.

A Second Miracle

Surprisingly, Jett was able to take his first steps without any assistance. "The first time he was actually playing with his siblings," says Amy, "they all started screaming and said, 'mum, Jett's walking without holding anything." Just like that, super baby had performed another miracle.

And Another One

Do you recall the kidney problems that had plagued Jett? Doctor's believed this ailment would debilitate him for the rest of his life. But, just like his heart that had healed itself, Jett's kidney problems went away all on their own.



To improve Jett's mobility, and to correct the problems with his feet, they decided to do corrective surgery. The five different operations Jett had on his legs and feet were able to correct the problems he had been born with.


From that point on, Jett only got better at walking. He could remain standing for four steps, then eight, and then twelve. Now, he can run around his family's backyard with the rest of his siblings.

Looking Up

Amy believes that Jett's motivation comes from his brother and two sisters. "I think he wouldn't have that 'go' about him if it wasn't for his older siblings. He always wants to keep up with them"

Long Road Ahead

Despite overcoming unbelievable challenges, there is still a long and bumpy road ahead for Jett. He still uses a walking frame or sometimes a wheelchair to get around since walking can tire him out easily. He will probably require many more surgeries over his lifetime for his spine, hips and knees.

No Bringing Him Down


As he gets older, Jett has began to realize that he is indeed different than other children. His parents and siblings surround him with positivity and treat him as they would any normal child. Amy explains, "Jett will live a normal life. What's not normal is Jett's indomitable will."