This Hidden Chinese Village Reveals Their Beauty Secrets To The World

We all have different definitions of beauty, but there is definitely some general overlap on what we find gorgeous. For example, take this secluded village in the Shanbei region of the Shaanxi province. These women look like something out of a fairytale or as if they were perfectly molded to perfection! Natural full-bodied beauty is out there, and these villagers in China have it. Let’s take a peek at what these villagers have been hiding that make them so perfectly beautiful!

Healthy Eating

Believe it or not these girls attribute their good looks to peppers natively grown in their village. Through a concoction they put in their meals, the peppers help the surprisingly hard-working women in good health. They attribute their looks to the effects these peppers have on their complexion, body weight, muscle tone, and stunning glow.

Everyone Has Chores

While the women are gorgeous, this all-woman village knows work still needs to get done, so everyone has a daily set of chores. Their determination to make a functional society, however removed from first world problems it may be, is the second key to their success. A beautiful body is a happy one, and a happy body is one that's been trained to fend for itself.

Primitive Amenities

Being a secluded village, these women don’t know the luxury of modern plumbing, having to bathe in the nearby river. I don’t think they, or anyone that just so happens to stumble upon the village, mind. These women are all very comfortable with their bodies and the simplicity that comes with this natural lifestyle.


Plenty of Down-time

While these women toil long hours doing chores and picking peppers, they have plenty of downtime to lounge around. They claim that this is a major part of maintaining what we perceive to be the optimum beauty. They get their rest and remain stress-free because they find time each and every day to focus on their beauty within and the beauty that surrounds them.

Cleansing in the River

The river is their main source of cleanliness. Being that this hidden village is very in-tune with nature, they've found that one of the best ways to keep such a clear and smooth complexion is by bathing in the ever-flowing waters of the river running through their small society. It would seem that the minerals running through these waters constantly exfoliate their skin, making it near-perfect.

Natural Beauty

Known for their holistic approach to beauty, the Chinese culture finds most of their ingredients for their medicines and beauty products in the land around them. Whether it be the peppers that they include in most of their meals or the waters that they bath in on a daily basis, they accredit their natural environment with their appearance.

Beauty Can Be Found in the Strangest Places

Scientists also attribute their good looks to their positive outlook on their surroundings. They've run studies that have shown there is a direct correlation to your physical health and your mental state of mind. This small village is a great example of how a positive outlook on life can be physically rewarding too.


Beauty Can Be Found in the Strangest Places

They have everything they would ever need, and they know the world is out there, but they are content where they are. It may be part of their Chinese culture or it may be that they truly don't have any desire to see the rest of the world. But what is certain is that they appreciate the simple life they live in their small community, and "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

Beauty Can Be Found in the Strangest Places

Who said you need modern plumbing to be happy. These women are perfectly content with bathing in their river. The minerals seem to be doing wonders for their skin, and they are an all female society, so there's not much to hide.

Beauty Can Be Found in the Strangest Places

This extent of seclusion leaves a lot of time to ponder about life and everything in it. These women have formed a strong community by questioning what is most important to them and in life. This has helped them develop as a community by cherishing the beauty above all else.

A Different Definition of Beauty

In a different secluded village close to the border of Mongolia, the women of Huangluo village have found the secret to keeping their hair long and beautiful. It is a prominent beauty feature in their community to maintain long, healthy hair. The question being, how do they keep their hair so healthy?


A Different Definition of Beauty

This specific tribe has a cultural purpose for the women to not cut their hair from birth. They take more time out of their day to tend to their hair and strengthen it, quite unlike American societies where women treat their hair with heat and color, constantly damaging hair.

A Different Definition of Beauty

The secret to maintaining their beautiful long hair is actually a concoction of fermented rice water. First and foremost, they take their time making sure they've fermented their rice water enough so that they can soak their lochs to make them strong and shiny.

A Different Definition of Beauty

The women of Huangluo have apparently been using this method for their hair for thousands of years. Being that it is not only a cultural attribute, but a tradition as well, these women find themselves devoted to a long life of long, healthy hair.

A Different Definition of Beauty

It just goes to show that some of the best beauty treatments out there are all-natural. In today's society, we're always looking for a quick fix to make ourselves artificially beautiful. But what too many people miss is the beauty that nature can bring us permanently if we are patient and diligent.


Ancient Chinese Beauty Secrets

Chinese women are envied throughout the world for their flawless skin and ageless complexion. As it turns out, this is because they use some traditional ancient Chinese remedies in their skincare routines!

Pearl Powder Perfection!

Pearl powder is something that Chinese women have traditionally used for a glowing complexion. Studies have supported the fact that pearl powder rejuvenates skin, removes pigmentation, fights acne, regenerates collagen and soothes irritated skin. So many benefits! It is then no wonder that the Chinese have been using it for cosmetic purposes since 320 AD. You too can use pearl powder for glowing skin - just make a mask using 1 tablespoon pearl powder, 1 tablespoon honey and 1 egg yolk, and apply it on your face.

A Rejuvenating Jade Roller

Another ancient Chinese secret is using a jade roller on your face to target acupressure points. It was believed that jade gave rise to a host of beauty benefits, some of which include improving skin tone, improving blood circulation, eliminating toxins from the body, refining facial contours, anti-aging benefits like removing fine lines and wrinkles, tightening of pores, and promoting lymphatic drainage to get rid of toxins from the body. A jade roller is used by gently rolling it upwards and outwards from the center of the face.

Mint Magic

They have a lot of homemade remedies for a glowing complexion, but one thing that we’ve hardly ever used in our face packs is mint! Mint or the humble pudina can be used directly on the face to instantly brighten the complexion. Just grind the leaves to make a paste that can be applied to the face. You can also use mint with cucumber and honey to make a face pack that will tone your face!


They Literally Wake Up Like This

Women from this village have barely gone under the knife, but look like a complete package when it comes to beauty and looks. With short clothes on, the women support a wonderful derriere and leave very little to the imagination.

They Got the Perfect Combo

These girls just don't have a beautiful face or glowing hair. They are the perfect complete package. Their hair falls down their back, complementing their milky white posterior. Their faces glow like the morning son and have a certain charm to them.

The Whole Figure

If their cuteness deserved a perfect 10/10, they won't get any less for their slender figure. They support the figure of a modern diva. Their sleek body matches up well with their busty bosoms that steal the show in almost all the pictures.

You Don't Need Photoshop

While Photoshop is the new rave in our fashion industry, these girls can do perfectly fine without one. Their modeling skills deserve a compliment, as their whole body falls into a wonderful pose when its time to say cheese.


The Chilies

One of the gorgeous ladies in the village seems to be standing near a basked of chilies for a picture. The chilies are probably there to signify her hotness because she is a sure shot 10 out of 10. Look at that figure, MAN!

Little Clothes On

With very little clothes on, the women astound everyone who sees their photos. Their ethereal beauty is just unbelievable. The glowing skin can be seen in this photo. We're sure the water in the back will turn into a steam soon.

Where the Village Is

Many people online want to know where the village is. While the purpose for their inquisitiveness is yet to be determined, we can speculate that it is obviously for research purposes or a school project. Such dedicated students.

Not One But Many

As the pictures come streaming in, we can gauge that it is not one but many women in the village that look drop dead gorgeous. It must be something about the spices or the genes. Plenty for all of us, mates.


Fond of Dancing

Reports have it that women in the clan or village are extremely fond of dancing and love to shake their slender figures with the beat of music. How sexual their dancing routine is, still remains to be seen. They might not be open to a booty shake after all.

As Gorgeous As their Surroundings

Some female viewers pointed out the extraordinary landscape in the background because the men were busy doing their school assignments. The landscape and the surroundings are as beautiful as the women, which makes this place a good spot for a getaway and our next research project.