Tutorial: How to do punk safely

There is a long discussion of effectiveness intense intensity exercisespracticing alone or in combination with more classic aerobic activities. The Training Interval High Interval is also a short, high-intensity work with moments of recovery where the practice is easier and then the session Repeat for several times

These repetitions, defined circuits include many exercises that their implementation often does not require specific equipment, precisely because it is based on the concept of free body, or the same resistance. Among these exercises, plank was widely used for the feasibility of execution, and thus allows simultaneous training of several muscles and maintains a stationary position. Let's look at the features, risks and benefits together

The correct implementation of the classical tableau

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The success of intense physical exercise is completely connected with its implementation methods. : It is not necessary that large spaces or special equipment, if not mattresses and shoes, be practiced more and more at home. Let's take a look at some practical suggestions.

The board and how to do it

After getting a very soft and good warming mattress from the upper and lower extremities, we stay in the stomach, and we bend our arms to the forehead on The ground relaxes, parallel to each other, and in the right direction with the shoulders.

Only then will we take our feet, take care of our feet and be united, and put the neck together with the rest of the body. The ventricles should be supported in particular by abdominal contractions and do not overdo the back or legs.

When the correct position is found, the goal is to continuously hold it for a few seconds or even minutes. Degree of resistance and training level

Muscles are working and what is it for?

 Abdominal muscles

For its rheology (the term is in English, the term "bench"), and because of its characteristics, the name may be a useful exercise for practicing only abdominal muscles, But this does not: if it is done correctly, its benefits

  will be expanded:</p><ul><li>Buttocks [19659014] Muscles behind</li><li>Thigh muscles</li><li>Condition and balance</li><li>Concentration</li></ul><p>This exercise Thus, it stimulates a wide range of muscle groups: in particular not only [1945900] 2] abdominal rectum</strong>also <strong>obliques</strong> internal and internal <strong>transverse ventral</strong> (Base for trunk stability)</p><p>Compressive Pressure Laid and discharged through the gun for intrusive resistance <strong>Trisipes Brasilia</strong><strong>Delta</strong> (especially in front) and faces <strong>Neck region</strong></p><p>Their tension Should hold their feet for a repeat period, under stress biking, quadrifractures and adductors</p><p>lumbar muscles, pelvic fascia and even aperture will be involved because it is necessary to put our body in a safe position. 19659006] How can you be sure that you are doing a full board</strong></h3><p><img class=

For the first time you can play the board in front of the mirrorIn order to simplify correct implementation and correcting repeated errors, such as weight overload in the elbow, non-abdominal contraction or tissue imbalance to the vertebral column. [19659002] A good guideline afterwards becomes fundamental, but not only: especially if we are at the beginning of this discipline, it is recommended that the exercises be amended individuallythat is, before exercises In a consistent dimension

Plank is not an exception, in fact: given its static nature (practically no movement, if not in its variants), maintains the correct position during its execution not only the dangers of damagebut determines the success of its success

The dangers of a false posture

  Back pain crash

To the extent that it is not necessary to take a routine of specific movements or even use Extra Once upon a time, as soon as the test lab, one immediately realizes that it is a practice that does anything but simple.

Do not expect the first session, but do not expect the right time to properly understand the position before it is stored, try again to patiently feel that each involved muscle works properly.

The risk of exercise is apparently easier than others, not only on the implementation of the same, but also on the correct one body warmingwhich is always applied before starting work. Since Punk is often recommended as a special exercise to get a partial abdomen and maybe fascinated, we will have to focus solely on the warming up and melting of the abdominal muscles and the abdomen. However, this common mistake should not be made if one does not want to endure unpleasant troubles: The stresses and deviations on the shoulders or the legs may even become a risk during a training designed for the abdomen. In addition to the right heats, it is recommended at least in the first sessions, even a few minutes of stretching before the exercise.

Our special attention to our returnoften has to do with harmful assumptions in the lasting daily life of work and / or bad habits. If we know or suspect that there are some problems of the spine column it is even small, so before attempting to perform a panel, it is necessary to examine its presence and existence, which refers to the ability Exacerbates the situation Earthquake is taking place.

A final measure must definitely be assigned to our elbows on which pressure is applied to which they are not accustomed, and will be generally protected with materials of an appropriate bandwidth elasticity, Prevent and friction too much in the floor, in addition to the risk of slipping

before and after physical activity: Prevention and control

  Plan Group Exercise

Extreme severe training is increasingly being done, also For its effectiveness it is also because we can define the repetition time and even with a little exercise the autonomy of the link between the various exercises.

At our stadium we have the opportunity to learn from a properly trained orbiter, but thanks to numerous films and programs on the network, we can receive valuable help even if we arrange at our home. In the second case, however, the main truth is that non-monitoring and safety devices that examine any excessive or inappropriate state .

Everywhere you teach, the danger of unfortunately, which has already been highlighted, gives rise to muscle injury or muscle damage. For this reason, in an outpatient setting, it is important that we do not just use our doctor to issue a fitness certificate for exercise: ideal for a complete examination of the musculoskeletal system above all if we have had past events Sports have suffered

Additionally, it's important that research Adaptation is a sports practice, especially if it is intensely studied. In this regard, the call of a good physiotherapist can be useful not only in the event of an accident, but also in solving any doubts about the suitability or ineffectiveness of a specific action.

From this point of view, in our UniSalute view, we have a very beneficial policy for those who need rehabilitation care and for those who are interested in a public check before visiting us. This is called Physical Therapyand in addition to telephone counselingthe book provides an immediate, unexpected 10% discount if you have more than one family member.

This training, playing time is a critical factor: if we manage to solve several hours a week to devote to exercise, we definitely do not want to waste valuable time in medical or bureaucratic methods

and You, did you start a high intensity sport in the new year?

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