Her Best Friend Became Her Surrogate And Then The Unexpected Happened

Nicole and Kevin Barattini dreamed of raising a beautiful, loving family ever since the day they married each other. Sadly, though, they were met with roadblocks at every turn and experienced years of disappointment. With such limited options, the couple was about to give up all hope until something miraculous happened. Their friends and community stepped in and helped them. But that wasn’t the only amazing thing to happen to Nicole and Kevin. Something they had never expected or dared hope for occurred. Read on to find out the incredible story of how the Barattinis finally got the family they always wanted through the most surprising of circumstances.

A lifelong dream

Kevin and Nicole Barattini were completely in love and had the perfect marriage, but there was something missing from their dream life – a baby. Although they desperately tried for a baby, it just wouldn’t happen for them, and they could not get pregnant. However, their luck was going to change. Kevin and Nicole Barattini desperately wanted a baby, but they could not conceive

A family of Five

Lianna and Shaun Five lived just around the corner from the Barattinis, but their household was a little different. The couple had no trouble getting pregnant. In fact, the Five family had five children! The pair had always wanted lots of children in their lives, and loved having five children running around their house. However, Lianna soon became pregnant – but five would not become six. This time, the baby Lianna was carrying was not her own. Lianna and Shaun Five had five children, and Lianna soon became pregnant again - but not with her own baby

A close friendship

The Barattinis and the Fives had been friends for decades – but what Lianna had volunteered to do for Kevin and Nicole would solidify their friendship once and for all. When Lianna discovered that Kevin and Nicole could not have a baby naturally, she volunteered to help them and act as the surrogate mother. This surrogacy process was made even more special by the close friendship between the couples, and they made sure they were with each other every step of the way. Lianna was upset to find out that Kevin and Nicole could not conceive, so volunteered to act as a surrogate

Trips to the doctor

In fact, the Barattinis made sure they were constantly informed of any new developments and would make the trip to every doctor’s appointment that concerned their fetus. Normally, these appointments would fill potential parents with nerves and dread – but with the Five’s by their side, their appointments were fun and exciting, and both couples fed off each other’s happiness. Then, in July 2016, they made their way to their most important appointment yet. Had the embryo been planted successfully? The Barattinis would go to every doctor's appointment, and were eager to see if the embryo had been planted successfully

The added suspense

Both couples were already nervous to find out whether the embryo had been planted successfully, but the added suspense was making them feel even more so – especially the Barattinis, who were waiting to see if they would finally be blessed with a baby. Nevertheless, the Fives were hoping and praying that the procedure had been successful, as even though they already had children, they wanted to give the Barattinis a precious gift after all they had been through… Both couples were extremely nervous, and the Fives wanted to give the Barattinis the gift of a baby


A couple in love

Nicole and Kevin tied the knot in 2010 and were the definition of a couple in love. As they started their married lives, the Barattinis moved to Smithton, New York, with the intention of starting a family straight away. However, as the years went by, their chances of having a baby were quashed. Nicole could not fall pregnant. They decided to seek advice and found that her poor health had affected her chances of getting pregnant. The couple was absolutely devastated. Nicole and Kevin tied the knot in 2010, but could not get pregnant because of Nicole’s poor health

A lifelong illness

It turned out an illness Nicole had developed when she was 16-years-old were ruining her chances of being a mother. She had noticed her skin was pockmarked with small bumps, had a fever, and was extremely tired all the time. As she became weaker and weaker, Nicole knew she needed to seek medical attention. It was then discovered that she had only 8,000 platelets per microliter of blood in her body – the average person has around 140,000 to 150,000. At 16-years-old, it was discovered that Nicole had a lack of platelets in her blood

A harrowing diagnosis

After numerous tests and scans, the doctors were able to assess Nicole’s blood even more and were soon able to give her a diagnosis. She had thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) – a serious autoimmune disease which drastically increased her chances of developing blood clots all around the body. The doctors told Nicole that she needed to stay in the hospital, otherwise, she may not survive. She stayed in the hospital for the next few days and received vital plasma treatment. Nicole was diagnosed with TTP, an autoimmune disease which needed vital treatment

Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura

Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) is an incredibly rare disorder that can prove fatal if not treated properly. In fact, the 95% of people will die prematurely from the disease if it is not found and treated directly. The disease can cause severe blood clots that can damage major organs in your body and force them into shut-down mode. Luckily, Nicole spotted the signs in the nick of time and sought medical attention before it was too late. 95% of people will die prematurely from TTP if not found and treated accordingly

Stabilized condition

Thankfully, Nicole received the help she needed and became stabilized. Over the course of the next few years, Nicole had to rely on vital medication that would keep her condition in check, and allow her to feel as good as new. However, the medication came with side effects. As Nicole and Kevin tried for a baby, they were informed that this medication would harm a fetus if they became pregnant. Unfortunately, Nicole would also be in danger if she stopped taking it. Nicole was given vital medication but was told it would harm a fetus if she were to fall pregnant

Devastating news


Nicole was told this devastating news while she was attending a routine doctors appointment on her own. As soon as she heard it, she knew she had to tell her husband. But how could she tell the love of her life they had no chance of having a baby? Nevertheless, Nicole knew she had to tell him – so she broke the news as soon as he got home from work. Kevin was heartbroken by the news, and couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Nicole knew she had to tell her husband the devastating news, and he was heartbroken

Making a plan

However, both Nicole and Kevin knew that it was for the best – after all, they couldn’t risk Nicole’s life to have a baby. Nicole was naturally frustrated with the news and, was upset that her illness was preventing them from starting a family. Nevertheless, they both agreed that it was for the best, and maintained that they would still try for a baby. They would just have to look at their options and decide which was best for them. Nicole was frustrated with her body and her illness, but they both decided it was too big a risk to conceive naturally

Weighing up their options

The couple spent the next few weeks weighing up their options. They couldn’t conceive naturally, so had to find an alternative. They knew they needed some professional advice, so went back to Nicole’s doctor to find out more about her condition, and whether it was genetic. Thankfully, her illness was not genetic, which meant they had the option of conceiving naturally. They made the decision to freeze Nicole’s eggs and search for a surrogate. However, it wasn’t as easy as that. The doctor told the couple that Nicole’s condition was not genetic, which meant they had the option to conceive naturally

Financial burden

Nicole and Kevin soon realized that surrogacy was not cheap. Instead, they would need at least $75,000 before they could even think about this method. The couple did not have this kind of money to spend and felt their dreams slipping away from them. They soon began to think of other options and began to look closer to home – as Nicole had read of other couples using friends and family as surrogates for free. Could that be their next option? Nicole and Kevin found that surrogacy was extremely expensive, so had to look closer to home

Restrictions of the law

Unfortunately, even if they had the money to buy a surrogate, they would not have been able to find one. This is because it is illegal to pay someone to be a surrogate for your baby in the state of New York. Although they had the option to pay for a surrogate outside of New York, this would prove even more costly. By this point, paying for a surrogate was completely out of the question. They had only one option left… It is illegal to pay for someone to act as your surrogate in the state of New York, so they had to look elsewhere


The process of surrogacy

Nicole and Kevin knew that their last option was to ask someone to be their surrogate for free – but this wouldn’t be easy, as the process of surrogacy is extremely complicated. The process involves creating an embryo with the father’s sperm and the mother’s egg through IVF, and implanting it in the womb of the surrogate mother, whoever that may be. This way, the baby would carry the genetics of the Nicole and Kevin, rather than the surrogate. Nicole and Kevin knew their only option was to find a surrogate who would go through the process for free

A rush of friends

As Nicole and Kevin finally realized that this was their only option, the news became common knowledge amongst their family and friends. The couple didn’t expect what was coming next. Instead of simply brushing over the news, their loved ones showered them in support and sympathy – and many even offered to serve as their surrogate. However, their friends all failed the necessary tests required for a surrogate mother. They had no one left. They were back to square one. As their friends and family heard the news, many of them offered to act as their surrogate

The required tests

To become a surrogate, the potential carrier has to undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are fit and capable of carrying the child. The carrier would need to be at the peak of their mental, physical and emotional health to make sure their minds and bodies are ready for the process of surrogacy. The emotional checks are highly important, as it is vital the surrogate is stable and aware that they will be carrying someone else’s child. Potential carriers have to go through rigorous testing to ensure they are mentally and physically ready for the process

Dinner with friends

As their friends and potential carriers were rejected one by one, Nicole and Kevin began to lose all hope of having a child. Their options were waning. To lift their spirits, the couple spent more and more time with their friends, hoping to take their minds off the ordeal. In December 2015, the couple went to a dinner party hosted by their good friends, Lianna and Shaun Fives. The Fives were sympathetic with their situation and wanted to help them out. In December 2015, Nicole and Kevin went for dinner around the Fives’ who wanted to help them out

One more won’t hurt

Lianna and Shaun listened to Nicole and Kevin, and couldn’t believe their friends had been so unlucky when they had been so fortunate to have five children. Lianna and Shaum knew what they had to do. They changed the subject, stating that they wanted to have another child. One more can’t hurt, right? At first, Nicole and Kevin were confused, and couldn’t understand why they would want to add another child to their already large number of kids. Lianna and Shaun told Nicole and Kevin that they wanted another baby, and they were confused

Bestowing a gift

As Kevin and Nicole continued to look confused, Lianna continued her speech. She didn’t want a child for herself. Instead, she wanted to carry their child. She wanted to serve as the surrogate for their fetus, and she wanted to bestow upon them a gift that had been so precious in their lives. As soon as Lianna finished her sentence, everyone around the dinner table burst into tears. Nicole and Kevin couldn’t believe they finally had an answer to their prayers. Lianna told Kevin and Nicole that she wanted to act as their surrogate, and they were overwhelmed


Motherly love

Although they were completely overwhelmed by Lianna’s offer, they had to make sure she knew what she was getting herself into – but Lianna was sure. She had been incredibly lucky in her life to have five beautiful children, and she knew she couldn’t have a life without them and thought it heartbreaking that those who wanted that same feeling could not have it. She wanted Nicole to be a mother, and she wanted her to feel as she felt with her children. Lianna wanted Nicole to feel what it feels like to be a mother and feel a mother’s love

Accepting the invitation

As soon as Nicole and Kevin heard what Lianna had to say, they knew their answer to her invitation. Of course, they wanted Lianna to carry their child, and they wanted to be with her for all of the tests, every appointment and help her out in any way possible. She was giving them the biggest gift of all, and they weren’t going to take that for granted. Soon enough, it was time to see if the embryos had planted… Nicole and Kevin accepted Liana’s invitation and the time soon came to see if the embryos had planted

Waiting for the results

Although they were overjoyed to finally find a surrogate, the time went incredibly slow for Kevin and Nicole, and they were incredibly eager to find out whether the implantation had been successful. As the weeks dragged on, the couple became increasingly nervous and eager to receive the results. On the one hand, they felt it was their time. On the other hand, anything could happen. Unfortunately, the test results came back negative. The implantation had not been successful. Nicole and Kevin were eager to find out the results, but soon discovered Lianna was not pregnant

Not giving up

The results knocked the couple. They had desperately wanted to implantation to be successful. However, they were not going to give up. It was not over yet. They had not used all of Nicole’s eggs in the first implantation, so the doctors decided to try again and implanted more of them into Lianna. If there were more, there would be more chance of them taking. Once again, they were faced with a nerve-wracking wait, before they finally received the results… The doctors implanted more embryos into Lianna in the hope at least one would take

Double trouble

As they sat in the doctor’s office waiting for the results, both couples were incredibly nervous. They hoped that this time, the test would come back positive. Amazingly, their prayers had been answered, and Lianna was indeed pregnant! Both the Baratinnis and the Fives were completely overwhelmed with the news, and Nicole and Kevin were over the moon to finally have a child of their own. However, the doctor had some more news. The Baratinnis were expecting twins… They soon found out that Lianna was pregnant with twins and the couples were over the moon

One of each


The rest of the pregnancy went incredibly smoothly and quickly, and Lianna was soon going into labor. On February 10, 2017, the Barattini family welcomed two new additions to their love nest. Although it had been a struggle, they were finally parents. They then welcomed their twins to the rest of their family, who were overjoyed to have a boy and a girl. Nicole and Kevin called their babies Luciana and Dominic. They couldn’t believe they were finally holding their little miracles. On February 10, 2017, Nicole and Kevin welcomed their children into the world - one boy and one girl

The best of friends

Through the whole process, the Barattinis and the Fives became even closer, and the birth of their children formed an incredible bond between the two families that would never be broken. Naturally, Kevin and Nicole asked Lianna and Shaun to be the godparents of their twins, and they vehemently accepted. Now, Nicole views Lianna as a sister-like figure, and they spend most of their free time together – especially now Nicole’s terrible illness is finally under control. The Barattinis and the Fives have become incredibly close, and the Fives are godparents to the twins

Helping others

Nicole and Kevin soon realized how lucky they were to have the Fives in their lives – without them; they may not have had their children for years. They also realized that there were other people who weren’t as lucky as them, and who were struggling to find a surrogate of their own. So, the couple spent their time campaigning to make surrogacy legal in New York. Although they not yet made a breakthrough, they are making the issue known across the State. Nicole and Kevin want to help others who aren't as lucky as them and want to make surrogacy legal in the state of New York

Happily ever after

Now, Kevin and Nicole are continuing their lives with two new blessings to look after. The couple will be eternally grateful for the Fives and what they did for their family, as they have made them so incredibly happy. They know there are other people like Lianna in the world who will willingly help out those in need, but many people struggle to find them. Nicole and Kevin want to help potential parents find their carriers with ease. The couple will be eternally grateful for Lianna and what she did for them but realize there are some people who struggle

Becoming more popular

Unfortunately, like Kevin and Nicole, more and more people are having to use surrogates to naturally conceive. However, surrogacy does not have to be something to look down upon. In fact, surrogacy is a beautiful process that can be extremely rewarding for both parties. There have been many celebrities who have used surrogacy, as they have not been able to conceive on their own for one reason or another. Because of this, it is becoming an increasingly popular conception method. Many celebrities are choosing to use surrogates to have children, which is making it increasingly popular


Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks is a huge figure in the world of Hollywood and found surrogacy a difficult idea to take in – as she had always wanted to carry her own child. However, Banks was unable to do so on her own. In the end, she decided surrogacy was the best way forward and welcomed her first child in 2012. The opportunity taught her an incredible amount of gratitude and generosity, and the intense love you have for your child when it is born. The famous actress, Elizabeth Banks, was reluctant to try surrogacy but found it incredibly rewarding

Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu is normally incredibly secretive about her private life – but she wanted to put one aspect of her life into the open. In 2015, she confirmed that she had had her son through a surrogate, and hoped to bring the process to the forefront of the public’s attention. It was no less beautiful than carrying a child yourself, and the end result is precious. Now, she can’t imagine her life without her son in the world, who has made her incredibly happy. Lucy Liu wanted to bring surrogacy to the public’s attention, to show how beautiful it is

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin is well known for being an incredible singer and has had a hugely successful career. However, he had always wanted a child. Although he did not have a partner at the time, Ricky knew that the time had come in 2008 to become a father. So, he opted to become a single father through a surrogate and later had two beautiful twins who he now cherishes. He now maintains that his surrogate is the most wonderful woman in the world. Ricky Martin knew he wanted to be a father, so had twins through a surrogate

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is no stranger to using alternative fertility methods. Two of her children are adopted, she carried one daughter herself, and another was born through a surrogate. Kidman has always been incredibly open about her opinion on surrogacy and struggles to explain the emotions, and the intense gratitude you feel towards the surrogate who brings your son or daughter into the world. Both the surrogate and the genetic parents have to be incredibly brave and in-sync during the whole process. It’s magic.